My ErgoTune Supreme V3 review (and how to win one!)

by Rachel Smith
05 August 2022

Finding the right office chair is a mission I have dedicated myself to for many years now – so I couldn’t say no when ErgoTune offered me a chance to road-test their latest chair – the ErgoTune Supreme V3.

Better yet, one of you lucky people can win one, so find out what I thought about it and make sure you comment below to enter the prize draw.

ErgoTune Supreme V3 DuraWeave Hybrid-mesh

Firstly, I’m a material girl

Let’s talk comfort and materials, as these are the arguably the most important things when it comes to something you’ll be plonking your bottom in for 6-8 hours a day.

I’ve tried and discarded a lot of chairs in my time and the ErgoTune Supreme V3 is pretty comfy. It has a lot of ergonomic bits you can adjust and move around to suit your body – 11 adjustment points in total. You can also rock back and forth quite deeply on the chair if you want to stretch out or take a break from being upright.

Material-wise, the upholstery is a lightweight DuraWeave hybrid-mesh. It’s so see-through a cheeky 7-year-old can press his face up against it and watch you through the chair if you happen to be nearby making a cup of tea. (Creepy? Not at all.) It’s a firm, breathable, good quality material.

Some chairs I’ve tried have made me sweat, or the material has been scratchy or too hot to use all year round but I can see this being quite cooling to sit on during a long hot Australian summer.

Ergotune Supreme V3 back recline

Say goodbye to slouching

Once you put the ErgoTune Supreme V3 together, the first thing you’ll notice is the curved hump protruding out from the bottom of the seat. My husband and son assembled this together and when they presented me with the chair I did wonder if that bottom bit was supposed to be there. “Just sit on it and you’ll see, it’s pretty good,” said my husband. He was right.

This is the Supreme V3’s Auto-Tuning Lumbar Area Support (ATLAS) – a fully adjustable section that supports your lower back and really does stop you slouching. You can fiddle with two knobs on the side of the chair to adjust it to your liking and I can’t say I’ve seen this on any other chair. Even with my most beloved velvet office chair, I had to create lower-back support with strategically-placed cushions, so thumbs up to ErgoTune for this feature.

The chair also has an enhanced, adjustable TriTune 3D headrest you can move forward and back, and up and down so it cradles your neck and head perfectly. My chair also came with a petite gas lift – there are three height options to choose from, so you can get exactly the right size.

ErgoTune Supreme V3 armrests in action

Allo allo, what about the arm rests?

Arm-rests. We all know an arm rest can divide the room.

Some people (like my husband) hate an arm rest with a passion you’d normally reserve for… well, celery. Or clowns, depending on your personal hit list.

I don’t mind them. I especially don’t mind the ErgoTune Supreme V3’s 5D GyroBrace armrests because they can be adjusted all the way round. Want them straight? Off to the sides? Turned in so you feel enclosed and can rest your arms close to your body while you watch a webinar or something? Anything’s possible with so many arm rest positions.

Any downsides?

For me, the downsides are purely aesthetics – having an open plan office, I’m using to choosing furniture that’s unobtrusive, like a low-backed swivel chair in a velvet shade that matches the decor, and mostly slides under the desk so you can’t see it when you’re finished work. The ErgoTune Supreme V3 is quite a chunky customer, but most ergonomic office chairs are, though, and it is a good-looking piece of kit.

The colour scheme available is also a bit limited: black, aqua blue or coral red, but this is a step up from the previous model which was only available in black.

It also has a 12-year warranty and free shipping, plus a 21-day money-back guarantee, if you decide it’s not for you. The ErgoTune Supreme V3 retails for $749 AUD. For more info, visit the ErgoTune website.

Want to win an ErgoTune Supreme V3?

Win an ErgoTune Supreme V3

Of course you do. To go into the prize draw, simply answer this question in the comments below: Why does the ErgoTune Supreme V3 belong in your home office?

The winner will be drawn and announced on Instagram next Friday, August 12!

Rachel Smith

32 responses on "My ErgoTune Supreme V3 review (and how to win one!)"

  1. The ErgoTune Supreme V3 belongs in my home office because I’m the ultimate sloucher. When I’m on a writing roll, I have a tendency to sit hunched over my laptop. Which is not good for someone like me who has spondyloarthritis (inflammatory arthritis of my spine and sacrioliac joints). Apologies for the sob story, I know this isn’t an audition for Australian Idol, just explaining why it’s so important for me to sit comfortably.

    Like you, Rach, I’ve tried a lot of chairs over the years. This one sounds like the Ergonomic Queen of them all. And the best thing of all – besides the arm rests – it comes in aqua blue. The perfect colour for my coastal themed home office.

  2. The ErgoTune Supreme V3 belongs in my home office! That’s because I’ve had lower back issues since forever, and haven’t ever found a chair in my budget with the adjustability to properly support me. Like your hubby, I’m also a fan of armrests but so often they’re fixed in a position that’s just a little too high, or a little too low. Clearly what I need is the Goldilocks of office chairs, the ErgoTune Supreme V3! My existing chair has five long years under its wheels, and is so creaky it keeps my wife awake (in the next room). I’m definitely overdue an upgrade!

  3. Lexi says:

    The question could also be – why doesn’t the ErgoTune Supreme V3 belong in my home?

    I’ve been on the hunt for a suitable office chair for quite a while. You see, for 2.5 years I’ve just been using a dining chair. It doesn’t quite cut the mustard (plus every time we have dinner together as a family, my work chair resumes its life as a dining chair) in terms of comfort – or back support. In this period I’ve become a slumper, a sloucher, and I fear I’ll soon make a transformation into the Hunchback of Notre Dame meets Sydney suburbia.

    And it’s not for lack of searching – but I just haven’t come across something quite right – until my eyes clamped onto the ErgoTune Supreme V3. I don’t want to buy office chair after office chair in search of “the one” (landfill is not for me, and with a 12 year warranty – clearly it’s not for ErgoTune either – LOVE MATCH!).

    Office chairs with adequate lumbar support are few and far between (as are armchairs, but that’s for another discussion). This could be the very best work colleague I’ll ever have (or need).

  4. This sexy beast is MADE FOR ME! My tired 10-year-old office chair belongs in the bin and my buns and back deserve an upgrade.

  5. Oh come on folks! You need to stand aside and let the ErgoTune Supreme V3 make its way west to ease this increasingly creaky old body through the final stages of its journalism career. Turning sixty last month means I’ve probably not got long to go and I can will it to one of you.
    (And can I also remind you to NEVER let the truth get in the way of a good story hehe).

  6. The ErgoTune Supreme V3 belongs in my home office because I am desperately in need of a new one after my cats clawed my old chair to bits (and the kids spilled a glass of water all over it). It is trashed! And working at the dining table is killing my back. I’m in love with the Tiffany Blue but the Pink is nice too 🙂

  7. Angela Denly says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue, my old chair is stuffed, so I’d like to win you (ErgoTune Supreme V3)

  8. Julia Storm says:

    I know there’s no way the ErgoTune Supreme V3 would be allowed to remain in my office. My 12 year old son would immediately stake his claim on it, as the ultimate gaming chair! Don’t suppose I could have 2?

  9. Susanna says:

    Because using a cardboard box as a foot rest and an old
    folded blanket to bolster the groove carved out by my substantial bottom over time in my current chair, is not a great look! 🙂

  10. Toni Gunn says:

    I spend a lot of time sitting on the cold, hard, metal stool at my desk. Truthfully, I may even lurk there longer than necessary if I’m too tired to face the outside world and the demanding people who reside there. So as uncomfortable as that cold, hard stool is at the end of the day, I might linger as I scroll through my socials, catch up on a show or even shop a little. I’m think the ErgoTune Supreme V3 might just make me linger a little more comfortably. And I see no shame in that.

  11. Jody McDonald says:

    I think it looks pretty cool 😎 My current office chair is one I found on the side of the road, someone had left it out for the Council’s kerbside collection – and it’s fine, but I have a feeling the ErgoTune’s in-built lumpy bit would be better for me than the cushion I currently use.

  12. One large tax bill + a large physio bill for neck pain = one new chair is needed!

  13. Alison Bone says:

    If I could upload a photo of my current office chair it would be perfectly clear why the ErgoTune Supreme V3 belongs in my office. Instead, I will paint a picture with words.

    My chair was discovered lurking in the dark and dusty back room of a second-hand office furniture shop in Dee Why. It was too unsightly to be on display – but had the requisite head rest that the reverse curve in my neck (which had recently been revealed in x rays) necessitates. Much to my husband’s horror I bought it and wrestled it into the car, (you think the ErgoTune is chunky – you should see this baby, I drove home with half of it hanging out the back window). But sadly, while it supported my head, the curved back did me no favours, so I strapped on a piece of melamine shelving to keep my back straight – using a garish, tie-dyed silk scarf that my friend made me back in the 90s. For lumbar support I hacked into a piece of foam with some scissors – if you ever tried curving a piece of foam you will know the fun I had.) This was attached with another scarf (red silk, circa Cambodia 2001 – not my colour.) I meant to make a cover for it, but seriously, why bother? Best to throw a fluffy rug over the lot (aqua blue, Bali, 2015 – definitely my colour.) So you see, the ErgoTune Supreme V3 in aqua (or black – black is cool and would match my shelves) has been designed for me, and obviously belongs in my office.

  14. Fiona Doig says:

    It belongs in my home office because when I’m armed, I’m dangerous. My keyboard is mightier than any sword.

  15. Pollyanna says:

    We all deserve the supreme end of office chairs. Afterall we are all hardworking scribes spending most of our days sitting in front of the screen. This one looks like the Ferrari of office chairs and I am ready to strap myself in, lean back into the ergo support, and enjoy an optimum ride.

  16. Joel Smith says:

    In this age of ergonomicity (is that a word), the ErgoTine Supreme V3 puts the cherry on top and is the perfect compliment to my stand-up desk. The benefits of this chair is a guarantee to allow creative juices to flow when writing social media copy for my clients. Auto-Tuning Lumbar Area Support will be sure to keep my back in check for when kids eventually come along. I would be forever grateful to have this chair in my home office to rest easy knowing that my health and lifestyle comes first.

  17. Once upon a time there was a little girl who was … well … little. No denying it, she was a shorty. And all her working life she had to take the shortcuts.

    Cushions on her office chairs (because all her bosses were too lousy to invent adjustable desks).

    Shoulders under her ears (because, armrests, y’know …).

    Phone books for footrests (packets of printer paper worked, too).

    ‘Ergonomic’ furniture with curvy bits that didn’t align with her curvy bits.

    In short, the little girl suffered from Chairs Not For Short People for many, many years. Woe is she!

    But! Shortly after she started freelancing, struggling to find a decent phone book anywhere, our little lady discovered she had a fairy godmother named Rachel Slist.

    And Rachel offered her a magical, eternal solution, way cooler than a unicorn: a super-cool ErgoTune Supreme V3 desk chair! With adjustable everythings! Up-and-down bits! See-through, so people would actually know she was there and not in the stationery room looking for printer paper!!

    The little girl was wild with excitement. Maybe dreams really do come true!

    Nada. Godmother Rachel gave the chair to some 6’2” tall copywriter who never had to climb up the stationery shelves in their life. #suckstobeshort

    (The end.)

  18. I’ve test-driven a lot of office chairs in my time – including the saddle seat which looks like it belongs in a rodeo porn flick. I gave it away when my thighs began to chafe. Next came the Pilates ball phase – which made me bounce up and down like a telly tubby – lots of fun but I wasn’t very productive. I also tried the plush leather grandfather chair I bought at an auction but it didn’t fit under my desk. The ErgoTune Supreme V3 looks like the perfect blend of high tech, comfort and common sense – and will be ideal for the bum glue I need to get my work done and churn out my next novel. Pick me!

  19. Mel Mahoney says:

    I bought an exxy gaming chair and thought it would be an amazing replacement for my old faithful office chair, which had seen better days. After two days using the new one, I realised I hated my new version, and that it was hurting my back 😭 Husband was pleased to nab the gaming chair for himself while I reverted back to the sad old chair I’ve had for years.

    BUT the ErgoTune Supreme V3 is exactly what I need! The fully adjustable ATLAS looks 👌 (my back would thank me), and the breathable material would be a dream in my sweat box of an office in summer. Plus how cute is the aqua blue – such a nice change from standard office black!

  20. Emma says:

    Other chairs have been tried, have been tested, and have been found wanting.
    With an ErgoTune in my corner, literary genius will undoubtedly gush from keyboard, my income will become embarrassing (for all the right reasons) and I might even be nice to my family.
    You want to talk about social impact? With one thoughtfully gifted chair, you could change the life of an aching copywriter, build a better future for her marriage-fatigued husband and allow two preaschoolers to inherit their favourite spinny ‘toy’.
    In return, I pledge to name my next child in the ErgoTune’s honour*.
    (Admittedly, if that child can make its way through a vasectomy AND the pill, ‘Thor’ might be a better choice)
    Pick me, pick me, pick meeeeee!!

  21. Shhh….. You should probably know, there is a warrant out for the arrest of my office chair.

    Offences include displays of bad taste and OHS&W crimes. The shady, sweaty, ripped up customer is currently wanted for impersonating a piece of comfortable, usable furniture.

    Unfortunately I have had to harbour this fugitive for too long. As my office doubles as a farm office, writing area and place for my son to do his uni assignments, I have had to aid this criminal for many years.

    However, it is time I turned it in for their rightful punishment.

    Let’s just say, ErgoTune is playing my song!

  22. Katey Knight says:

    If I won the ErgoTune Supreme V3 in the coral or aqua I would coordinate my daily work outfits to compliment this magnificent specimen of a chair. I think we’d make a damn good team, working together in mutual support and colourful harmony. If only it had a built-in feature to stop my shoulders scrunching up towards my neck on deadlines…

  23. The ErgoTune Supreme V3 belongs in my home office because with Rheumatoid Arthritis I need to ensure I have the most ergonomic home office set up to ensure I don’t spend my days passed out in pain on my couch. My current chair is also having a mould issue after I flooded my apartment and moved house. But the most important reason is because my dog Wally always need to have his place for his chin (armrests) when I’m sitting in my office doing work

  24. Maida Pineda says:

    The ErgoTune Supreme V3 belongs in my home office because I have cervical spondylosis. Just the thought of my neck getting the support it needs, I can already feel my lower back ease and the my jaws unclench. It’s a tough financial time being a writer these and buying an ergonomic chair is a splurge for me right now. Receiving one would be like the fairy god mother of writers just whisked her wand over me and gave me her blessing. That way I can pitch more, send more LOIs out, spend more hours writing copy in my lounge room, and hopefully make more money as a writer. And just like Rachel, I need an attractive chair, as my home office is right in my lounge room.

  25. Sophia Holl says:

    The ErgoTune Supreme V3 belongs in my home office because right now, I don’t even have an office chair. Some days, I sit on the floor in my living room, others on the couch, and when I’m feeling really lazy, I’ll lie propped up in bed. Surprisingly, this is the only place my back DOESN’T hurt when working. Never have I ever come across another 22 year old as crippled as I am from my extremely poor seating options. My back screams at me every time I get up off the floor, the way I’d imagine my grandma’s back screams at her, though she is 60 years my senior.

    The time has come for me to finally get my office seating affairs in order, and just as I was looking on marketplace for a budget-friendly office chair, I saw this competition! It must be fate. This chair will give my back a new lease on life, in turn, giving me the patience to actually sit in one spot for longer than 30 minutes and write to my hearts content. Who knows what I could accomplish with an ergonomic chair and a happy spine!

  26. edwritten says:

    My wife stole my good office chair during lockdown, wheeled it to her study and is yet to return it to its rightful owner. I have been working on a timber kitchen chair ever since and my back is unhappy with me. This ErgoTune Supreme V3 would be an improvement on the good chair I no longer get to sit on and as long as I can secure it to my desk to prevent a midnight swap, bragging rights and a happier back will be mine.

  27. Monique Butterworth says:

    Hmmm…why do I need a ErgoTune Supreme V3 chair? Picture this…on a Zoom interview with a low-level celebrity…who is so self-absorbed, she has not noticed her interviewer (me) has disappeared from her screen because the office ‘fit ball’ she is sitting on has POPPED and she is sprawled on the ground, having hit head on back of dining chair near my desk on the way down…dazed & confused, I clambered back up & continued with my line of questioning…

  28. My three year old has decided I’m his own personal jungle gym and my back is killing me. It doesn’t help that my office is actually my living room and I sit at a dining room chair every day. Help! I need the The ErgoTune Supreme V3.

  29. This chair has been following me around the internet since I first spotted it on Tik Tok.
    Am obssessed with the blue colour (hello brand colours) and can say with absolute certainty, this will will look at home in my home-office. Almost like it’s always lived there.

    My slouching days may be numbered. And I’m here for it. My back already thanks me.

  30. Why does the ErgoTune Supreme V3 belong in your home office?

    Pretty hard to top the responses I’ve just read. Good luck Rachel with picking the winner!

    Here’s my story: I’ve had a few office chairs over the years – mostly from Office Works where you can test them out in that ginormous space. but two minutes of sitting in the store versus hours in my home office, does not give you any true insight!

    I’ve had a chair that look like I’m a gamer (eventually the faux leather came away and that chair had to be ditched – EEK for the environment.) The replacement office chair is one I’m too scared to adjust the lower back support lever for fear I’ll end up on the floor. I doubt it even offers lumbar support. I’m using a cushion to provide relief from the lower back pain I ignore because I’ve been sitting for too long. I’m guilty of sitting for a few hours, but I can’t get up and stretch when I’m in the midst of the ‘creative flow’ for the next Walkley Award winning story, van I? (Guffaw – I wish!) Maybe the rocking feature of the Ergo Tune Supreme V3 will be sufficient to stretch my sore body ‘parts’ when I’m in the moment.

    And if as you say Rachel, that the Ergo Tune Supreme V3 is made of material that feels cooling all year round, I’m so in! I could dispose of the old blue cotton towel currently covering the seat of my office chair, placed there because in a Brisbane summer the fabric isn’t doing anything for my butt cheeks, thighs, or lady parts. Who wants to sit back down on a sweat impregnated seat? Double EEK!

    I’ve tried to listen to the physio who suggested a standing desk is good for my posture and core. But with knee replacement surgery pending at the end of the year, I won’t be using my standing desk for at least six months. And besides, I simply do not wish to stand all day.

    I’m nonplussed about colour, but I like that there are more choices in the Ergo Tune Supreme V3 than just black. A 12-year warranty tells me Ergo Tune believe in their product. My Office Works chair only offered me 12 months manufacturer warranty – and I’d have to part with extra dollars to extend that warranty to three years.

    My office and I are ready for the Ergo Tune Supreme V3.

  31. Robyn Doreian says:

    Because I spent $300 on an office chair (from an ergonomic specialist), and it makes my back ache. No matter how many adjustments I make, it assumes uncomfortable positions. As Lost in Space’s Dr Zachary Smith said, “My back is a disaster area!” HELP.

  32. SE says:

    The ErgoTune Supreme V3 – in coral red – belongs in my home office, not for my sake, but for Danielle.

    Let me explain…

    I have a sore shoulder.

    My massage therapist, Danielle, confirms it’s directly related to slouching at my desk in current office chair without arm rests.

    (She can email you a note. This note would not be written by me with her name tagged on the end *coughs*)

    And yes, okay, it’s true.

    I did remove the arm rests from current office chair so I suppose you *could* argue it’s my own fault.

    But really.

    Should I continue to pay for the unwise decision seven-years-ago Sue-Ellen made?

    More importantly, should Danielle have to pay for my ignorance?

    Nay, my arrogance.

    You see, I ask not what my massage therapist can do for me, but what I can do for my massage therapist.

    Or something.

    This isn’t about me.

    This is about one woman helping another woman.

    So, do we stand and fight the patriarchy together?

    Or does someone else get to sit their bum in MY coral red ErgoTune Supreme V3 office chair?

    [I also have a clean, crisp $5 note that juuuuuust might find it’s way into your bank account. If you know what I’m saying 😉 ]

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