Income tracker

$14.95 + GST

Monitor your invoices and client payments, keep track of your expenses and save yourself oodles of time at the end of the tax year.

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Tracking your freelance income and expenses is easy to put off. We get it. No one wants to burrow through a pile of receipts or chase invoices. And if you’re on a budget but need a system to get you started, our income tracker is just the ticket. This user-friendly tool is similar to the spreadsheet Rachel used years ago when she was starting out as a freelancer, with a few more designer bells and whistles. It includes:

  • specific sections to enter in invoices, separated into months
  • a separate tab where you can enter in receipts / expenses
  • an interactive dashboard that changes as you enter in data
  • a simple, at-a-glance way to monitor your incomes and outgoings each month.

The income tracker also offers an easy way to produce records for tax time – simply print out your income and expenses page or send the entire file to your accountant.


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