LIVE MASTERCLASS: Using keywords and metrics in content creation for strong SEO, with copywriter Rashida Tayabali (July 22)

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Following Rashida Tayabali’s popular starter guide masterclass to keywords and SEO, we’re excited to bring her back for a much-anticipated follow-up event. This masterclass is ideal for journalists, copywriters and content specialists who want to boost their knowledge of keywords and SEO when creating content. In this 90-minute live event, Rashida will cover what you need to know when writing content that’ll rank – for you or for clients – and she’ll touch on metrics, tools and further resources to ensure you can continue building your knowledge. Includes a cheat sheet and access to the video recording.

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MINI MASTERCLASS: A starter guide to keywords and SEO for content writers

Keen to learn the basics about SEO? In this one-hour masterclass, copywriter Rashida Tayabali explains the ins and outs of keywords, searcher intent and why it's important when writing online content. Plus, learn about the tools and templates that can help - and how SEO made a big difference to one of Rashida's clients. BONUS: Download sample of  a content piece with keywords and SEO inserted, so you can see how Rashida files SEO copy for her clients.



Rashida Tayabali’s masterclass on keywords and SEO was one of our most popular – and in this 90-minute live event, she’s back to help you build your SEO knowledge, with a particular focus on keywords and metrics in content creation. Find out how to avoid common content mistakes, why website audits are so critical, best practice when doing keyword research, and how to write posts that’ll rank well in Google. Rashida will also share SEO tools to try, and touch on why you need metrics to show your clients. This masterclass is must-see viewing for journalists, copywriters and content specialists who find SEO is becoming essential to what they do and want to learn more from a highly successful SEO copywriter.

This masterclass includes: A 90-minute Zoom session with presentation, break + question time, a cheat sheet of the session and access to the video recording.

Key takeaways from this masterclass:

  • What are the biggest content mistakes even experienced writers make?
  • The importance of website audits for your own sites or for clients, and things to check before writing content
  • Current best practice with keywords (including looking at keyword difficulty, low and high-volume keywords and when to follow / ignore the rules)
  • Do you always need primary and secondary keywords?
  • How long should your posts be in order to rank? Is longer better, to enable you to add more keywords, or is there value in shorter posts?
  • Which elements should your posts have? What elements does Google look for and reward in rankings?
  • Tips and tricks on using free and paid tools (and the ones Rashida loves)
  • The importance of looking at keywords and metrics using Google Analytics, and having some SEO results to show your clients
  • Further resources / experts for learning more about SEO.

About Rashida

Rashida Tayabali is a copywriter for women in business, features writer and Indie author. She helps brands use the power of clear and concise copy to sell their product or service, all without sounding salesy. She helps reduce content stress and overwhelm for women in business, freeing them up to focus on growing their businesses. In her free time, you’ll find her frowning at typos and trying to catch up on the 20+ books she has yet to read on her bookshelf and Kindle. You’ll also find her reluctantly scrolling and sharing on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.


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