MINI MASTERCLASS: Attracting good-fit clients: How humour and being in everyone’s face works for me

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Putting yourself out there doesn’t come naturally to most of us – but when you lose the ego and find your funny bone, it can create opportunities and new income streams. It may also put you on the radar of clients you actually want to work with – as copywriter Jeremy Southern shares in this one-hour masterclass.



Copywriter Jeremy Southern reached the dizzying heights of Ad-land before recently exiting stage left to become a writer. Like many freelancers striking out, Jeremy’s faced set-backs, and rather than hide from that, his response has been to own it and post about it on social media – with honesty, humour and self-deprecation.

His posts have racked up incredible engagement, and in this lunchtime webinar, Jeremy takes us through his process: how he decides what to post, which posts have done well and why, and the plus side: extra visibility and getting on the radar of clients he actually wants to work for.

If you’re looking to revamp your social presence and want some tips on how to engage people more effectively, this masterclass is for you.

Key takeaways include:

  1. Be brave, but know your limits
  2. Be relevant (read the room)
  3. Fight complacency; challenge everything
  4. Be fresh and put your personality out there
  5. Maintain a constant online presence.

All about Jeremy

Jeremy Southern began his career in 1995 after a brief and unfulfilling stint in law. He’s been lucky enough to work in Aus, NZ, Dubai, Vietnam, Philippines, and written for some amazing clients, including Apple, Mercedes, Lexus, Coke, Visa, Emirates and hundreds of others. Jeremy’s worked as a creative director, executive creative director, and picked up lots of shiny awards along the way before giving it all up to become a freelance writer.

But reinventing yourself isn’t so easy when you’re a) older and b) facing down a global pandemic, as Jeremy has documented regularly on the Facebook group Find A Finder’s Fee. His posts started as a way to blow off steam and make people laugh, but they’ve led to enough freelance work to ensure he only has to eat Kibble every other night.

Jeremy doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, but he shares how he turned a tendency towards negativity into a positive – and made it work for him.


  1. Ben McEwing

    Every story needs a truth talker. The one who cuts through the crap and says what everyone is thinking. Enter Jeremy Southern. With wit, pace and his own brand of self-deprecation, he entertained us with stories of his rise and fall in the fickle world of advertising (been there, done that myself) and most importantly, what he’s done since then: reinvented himself by aligning his unique abilities with sharp words and even sharper observations.

    Lessons learned: be brave, be fresh, be relevant…but don’t be a unicorn, because they don’t exist.

    My personal take away is that an authentic voice will always be heard, so have the courage to speak your own truth and watch the ‘likes’ accrue.

  2. Claire

    Ditto Ben McEwing! Jeremy’s presentation was so refreshing and I had MANY laugh out loud moments. I can see a book in the making.

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