The door hangers kit


Tell people to talk to the hand with these printable door hangers. It’s just the thing for deadline day!



You’re on deadline. Doing an interview. Or just watching cat videos and really don’t want to be disturbed. Well, we have the solution: a pack of five door hangers designed just for freelancers. Print out the one that most suits your situation, cut it out and hang it on your door-knob. Hey presto: no interruptions! (Here’s hoping). These door hangers come in a downloadable, print-ready pdf and in are available in either colour and black and white. Designs include:

  1. Pulitzer novel in progress (No, seriously, don’t bother knocking)
  2. I’m in the flow, you need to go!
  3. I’m on a deadline. Come back at beer-o-clock
  4. Genius at work. Only knock if you have chocolate or coffee
  5. Pulled an all-nighter. Tired freelancer within. Enter at own risk.


  1. CLAIRE Chow

    The “I’m in the flow. You need to go!” door hanger has been gold when it comes to giving the family the hint that I’m on a deadline.

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