The pay rates report


Tired of haggling over your rate (and worth!) with your clients? Or are you a job-poster wondering what to pay a freelancer? Our pay rates report has industry-standard pay rates to get you started.

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Rate card

Need a quick and easy rate card you can customise and send to clients? Grab this handy template.



Whether you’re a job-poster wondering what to pay a freelancer, or you’re a freelancer quoting a project, our pay rates report can get you started.

This is a report we compiled to help our job-posters who weren’t sure what to pay freelancers, but it took on a bit of a life of its own when our job-seekers found out about it – and it’s since been downloaded and shared hundreds of times.

Our pay rates report covers pay rates for:

  • copywriters
  • content producers
  • journalists
  • sub-editors
  • editors and proofreaders
  • social media writers
  • designers
  • interns

If you’d like advice on what to pay (or what to charge) for another type of creative job, please email us via our contact page.


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