What is Rachel’s List?

The List is a media recruitment and connection website for job-seekers, editors/employers, and PRs.

It’s made up of a talent pool of experienced freelance and full-time journalists, editors, subs, content writers, copywriters, designers, bloggers, digital producers, social media specialists and PRs from around Australia. For those posting jobs, the List is a great, easy way to find the person you need – fast. Although Rachel’s List does have an approval process for its job-seekers, we’re not a recruitment agency. We are, however, the best way to source the best media people in Australia. (Big call, but we think you’ll agree with us once you use it.)

Our unique section known as The Watercooler also enables journalists to search for PRs and brands, and PRs and media to connect via ‘shout-outs’. We also have The Calendar for industry events.

Who is behind Rachel’s List?

The List was founded by long-time freelance journalist Rachel Smith. It is now owned and run by Rachel and freelance PR, editor and journalist Leo Wiles.

Why do you vet job-seekers joining the List?

This is an industry-only List, and we vet users to ensure jobs are going to qualified people making a living in the media industry. Plus, we hear over and over from editors and employers posting jobs how great it is not to have to trawl through hundreds of unsuitable applicants. Instead, they can post a job and within a couple of hours receive emails from perhaps 50 great applicants, all of whom they could potentially hire. To a time-poor editor or employer, that’s gold. And far less hassle. Job-seekers, once approved, pay an annual admin fee of $24.95.

What about graduates who don’t have any experience? Can they join?

At this point, the List is only for established job-seekers, but we are keeping an entry level / graduate List. If you’d like to join that List to be notified of intern positions and entry level positions, contact us with details of your experience so far. If you start to get paid work, get in touch again and we can review your status.

How can the List help me find staff?

If you’re a job-poster, simply purchase a job pack (single and bulk packs available) and post your ad through the website. Your job will be emailed straight to List members who can then apply to you directly.

What do you charge?

It’s $100 for a 30-day job listing, and many job-posters fill positions within hours.

Wow, sounds like a bargain.

Yup. Especially if you consider that, for 30-day listings, Seek charge $247, LinkedIn charge $189, Career One charge $187 and The Conversation charge $220. Those highway robbers.

Do you offer advertising on your site and in your newsletters?

We do. Journalists can buy text ads to contact a wide range of editors via our editor newsletter. We also offer a number of sidebar ads each month for creatives wishing to promote their business, or companies wishing to get their message out to a wide range of media. For info on all our ad spaces and to purchase ads quickly and easily, check out our ad shop.

What’s a Pitch To Me Call-Out?

This free service is only for editors who want to commission a specific story, or request story pitches for their publication.

How do I send a Pitch To Me Call-Out?

Click on ‘Post A Job’, register as a job-lister and select the Pitch to Me Call-Out from the job category pull-down menu. It’s free to post one (unlike all other jobs, which cost $100). However, all Pitch To Me Call-Outs will be held for approval before being added to the jobs board. Please include word rates you offer by using the salary pull-down menu.

I need a part-time sub and a full-time editor. Can I hire them via Pitch To Me Call-Outs?

Nope. ALL full-time, part-time, freelance and contract jobs cost $100 per listing. Paid listings automatically appear on our jobs board, whereas Pitch To Me Call-Outs are checked and manually posted by List staff.

What if I need a story but can only offer the writer exposure or links back to their site?

If you’re not able to pay writers for content it’s best to advertise elsewhere, as job-seekers here are professionals used to being paid reasonable rates for their work. It’s kind of like telling a plumber you won’t be paying him for the work he did unblocking your drains, but you’ll be sure to tell all your mates what a fine job he did. Probably wouldn’t fly, right?

I do pay writers but I can’t pay market rates.

You’re still welcome to post your job, but we reserve the right to let the job-seekers know that the job pays under market rates.

Who’s posting jobs on the List?

To date we’ve posted jobs from Australian Good Taste, Australian Traveller, AUSTAR, Better Homes & Gardens, B&T Magazine, BigSplash Media, Cosmopolitan, Citrus Media, Cumberland Courier Newspapers, delicious, DOLLY, donna hay, Gardening Australia, Executive PA Magazine, GQ, Good Food Mag, Grazia, Handyman Magazine, Healthsmart, Healthy Food Guide, Hardie Grant, Home Beautiful, John Wiley & Sons, marie claire, Medical Observer, MindFOOD, Money Management, OUTthere Magazine, Popsugar Australia, Prevention, Plump and Spry Publishing, Readers Digest, Shop Til You Drop, Signature Media, Studio One Networks, Sydney Film Festival, Super Food Ideas, Sunday Style, The Knot, The Sydney Morning Herald, Vogue Living, Who Magazine, Woman’s Day, Yen Magazine and many, many more.

I hired a job-poster from your List and it didn’t go well. How do you handle this at your end?

We go into shock and immediately have a stiff drink. Seriously though – this has happened once or twice in the 14-odd years the List has been running, due to the quality of our job-posters. In other words, it’s extremely rare. Our position is this: we post the jobs and it’s up to the job-poster/job-seeker to take it from there. We’re just the conduit and negotiations are always off-site. Hence, we don’t arbitrate disputes between parties.

Watercooler table mailchimp sizeI’m a PR. Can I join the List?

Absolutely! It’s free for PRs, businesses and non-profits to join our database in The Watercooler. This section of the List is all about making new connections and staying in the loop with industry news. Register to create a free profile and list the brands you work with, which can be searched for by journalists working on stories. We hear over and over how hard it can be for journalists to find the right representative for a brand or business. If you create your bio in our database, you get more visibility for your clients, and journos don’t have the guesswork finding you. Win-win!

Do you offer PR memberships with added features?

Sure do. PRs, businesses or charities with the occasional campaign or event to promote to media can now try our single shout-out service (no need to sign up for membership). Or, if you’d like ongoing access to the thousands of journalists and editors on our List, consider signing up for a monthly or annual membership. As a member, you’ll be able to read and respond to unlimited media shout-outs, browse full ads on our jobs board and send shout-outs of your own in The Watercooler to promote news, product launches, campaigns, interview opportunities and more. You’ll also be able to attach events to The Calendar. Check out our handy snapshot, above, of all the free and paid membership options in The Watercooler to see what’s right for you.

I’m a journalist. How do I find the PR who looks after a particular brand?

Head to The Watercooler and use our unique search tool at the top left corner of the site to search for brands, PRs or categories (like ‘lifestyle’ or ‘business’, to get a list of PRs under those categories). It’s a great time-saver. Please understand we are just starting out, which may be why the brand or PR you need isn’t in search results yet. However, PRs are joining the List all the time, so bear with us!

What’s a shout-out? And how does it relate to The Calendar?

Shout-outs are alerts posted through The Watercooler, our unique section for media to connect with each other, and to connect with PRs. It’s free for job-seekers / journalists to send shout-outs, and paid PR members can also use the shout-out service to connect with media.

If you’re a journalist, send shout-outs to request a case study or expert, set up a networking meet-up with other journos (which you can attach to The Calendar), or share some industry news. An editor might like to send a shout-out to let the industry know they’ve moved roles. Other List members – and PRs – can respond to your shout-outs via the site.

If you’re a PR, shout-outs are a fantastic tool to help you alert journos to news and campaigns, promote events and launches and offer story leads. You can post your events to The Calendar, which is a handy tool for everyone to see what’s going on in the industry and to stay in the loop. All shout-outs sent will be held for approval before being posted to our shout-outs board.

So let me get this straight: shout-outs are NOT to be used for posting jobs.

Correct. If you try it you’ll make the site monkeys very cranky indeed.

I have another question you haven’t covered here!

No problem, just drop Rachel or Leo a line via our Contact Page.