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Privacy Policy

Rachel’s List (“Rachel’s List”, “The List”, the “Site”) is a recruitment site and community site for editors, employers, businesses, journalists, writers, designers, content makers, bloggers and public relations professionals. The purpose of our Site is to connect these various parties with paid job advertisements. The premise is simple: editors, employers and businesses can buy job advertisements to which job-seekers (paid, approved members of the Site) can respond to via the Site. Registering For an Account Job-seekers who register for an account must provide an email address, and first/last name. The User’s email address is only listed at registration, and shall not be displayed to anyone except the administrators of the site. The User will also be required to fill out his or her profile with information such as the User’s phone number, address, email, web portfolio and LinkedIn URL. The User’s profile is used in the Rachel’s List approval process and cannot be accessed by other Users. Additionally, the submitted profile information will be reviewed and used internally to assist in The List’s media database product and services. Simply put, we do not intend to use email addresses given merely for registration, but information provided on profiles may be applied as part of a quality and user profile accuracy check on Rachel’s List’s media and key influencer research services. Once the User’s application is approved, the User will be asked to pay their annual admin fee of $29.95. They will then be able to apply for job advertisements via the Site and your unique login. The User will also be able to send shout-outs via our newsletter. Registered, approved users will be added to our newsletter and are informed of this in their registration email. Job-posters / Job-listers who register to post jobs must also provide a username, email address and first/last name. The User’s email address is only listed at registration, and shall not be displayed to anyone unless you opt to have this information displayed. The User may also fill out his or her profile with information such as the User’s company name, URL, phone number, address, email and any social media links. Job-posters / Job-listers do not have access to full job ads unless they have an active paid job pack awaiting use in their dashboard. To view jobs, job-posters may wish to apply to use the site as a job-seeker (but approval is subject to our discretion and the User meeting job-seeker criteria). PRs can register as either a job-seeker or a job-poster. PRs who were previously registered under our now-defunct Watercooler can contact us to be switched over to either group. We no longer offer a PR service but welcome PRs into the existing site as either job-seekers or job-posters. ALL GROUPS Once the User is assigned his or her unique Rachel’s List login credentials, the User agrees to keep this information confidential to prevent any other party from using these credentials. The User agrees to be responsible for any conduct committed under his or her unique credentials. If the User suspects that the security of his or her login credentials have been compromised due to no fault of the User’s own, please contact us immediately at hello@rachelslist.com.au Content from Users All User-created content within Rachel’s List exists as one of the following: Job Advertisement, Short Gig Job Advertisment.
  • “Job Advertisement”: A “Job Advertisement” is a paid recruitment post of a job role in which a User pays to post a job to the Site’s community of users with a forthcoming piece of content (usually, information about the job, the conditions, the criteria and how to apply). These advertisements are for full-time roles, ongoing contract roles and ongoing freelance roles and cost $100 for a 30-day listing. The “Job Advertisement” message is displayed in the news feed of any Rachel’s List user who uses the Site or has nominated criteria tagged to the Job Advertisement.
  • “Short Gig Advertisement”: A “Short Gig Advertisement” is a paid job ad designed for job posters to find freelancers for short-term gigs, urgent projects, one-off story commissions, content writing contracts or other temporary ‘gigs’. These ads will be listed on our site for 30 days and cost $39. If you post a Short Gig Advertisement but it falls under our Job Advertisement category, we will review it and reserve the right to re-invoice you for the extra amount.
  • “Shout-out”: A “Shout-out” is a status update in which a user requests information from other members (usually, related to a request for case studies, experts, information, recommendations or to organise media meet-ups). The “Shout-out” message is displayed in our Watercooler and may also be published on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
The User is solely responsible for his or her interactions with other Rachel’s List Users. Rachel’s List reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between The User and other Rachel’s List users. As mentioned elsewhere in these Terms, Rachel’s List reserves the right to close an account or remove posted content at its sole discretion, which may or may not be due to a violation of these Terms or another party’s intellectual property rights. Please remember that information posted to the Site may be seen and used by other Rachel’s List Users, and if the information is considered confidential, the User should not post it to the Site. RACHEL’S LIST WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY USER’S MISUSE OR MISAPPROPRIATION OF ANY CONTENT OR INFORMATION YOU SHARE IN ANY COMMUNICATION MADE BY YOU THROUGH THE SITE. IF YOU FEEL YOU MAY BE IN BREACH OF THESE TERMS THEN PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US ON hello@rachelslist.com.au