The story of Rachel’s List

How did Rachel's List start? It was actually over a plate of dumplings and some wine! I was job-sharing at TV Week with two other journos - Brenda Cunningham Lewis and Alex Abrahams - and we'd never met, so decided we should. How did other freelancers get wind of it? Friends and colleagues heard about our lunches and asked to come along. As the unofficial organiser, I started a 'list' of people in my email who were keen to stay connected. When did it become a jobs list? As my 'list' got bigger, editors heard about it and started sending me subbing or writing jobs to post to it. It was free back then and very informal. And then other creatives started joining? Yep. We used to just help editors find staff but when we went online, and the digital side of the industry started exploding, we also started posting jobs for online editors, digital agencies, content departments, blue chip firms, NGOs, universities, websites, small businesses and everything in between. How much has the list grown? We went online with 800 journos on our newsletter. Today, we're connected to a community of over 6000 journos, copywriters, editors, subs, content writers, designers, PRs and other creatives from around Australia. Wow. What else is new? Our Toolkit (it's fab!) and a new-look blog. We also now offer 'short gig' job postings and a Short List placement service for job-posters. More to come, so watch this space! - Rachel

Rachel Smith

founder and director

Most people call me... Rach, Rachel or Mummy. (Well, only one person has tried that last one on!) My day typically involves... running the show here, freelancing for my own clients and wrangling an opinionated three-year-old. As a freelancer, I... write for magazines, newspapers, websites and corporate clients, among other things! You can always twist my arm with… a sleep-in. My role at Rachel's List is… overseeing the whole shebang and with Leo, making decisions about the site's content and direction. Get in touch if you need… our new Short List service, advice about the industry or pay rates, a quote for a story, help with re-writing your job, an idea for the blog, the Toolkit or a collaboration. Reach me

Leo Wiles

co-director + content strategist

Most people ask me... How I got the name Leo. The easy answer is, I'm an August baby! When I'm not at Rachel's List, I'm... working as a photographer (in fact, I shot the banners on our new site!). I've also got 20-plus years experience in PR, corporate comms and print, but these days I spend my working hours behind a lens. Most people wouldn't know I... live in QLD with my three kids. We really are a 'remote' company! You can always twist my arm with… a strong coffee or glass of good red. Get in touch if you… have a PR opportunity, are seeking a quote for a story or have an idea for the blog, the Toolkit or a collaboration. Reach me

Jonelle Mullings

virtual assistant

Most people call me... Jonelle, but I'm JB to my family (thanks to an early nickname of Jellybean!). People often ask me what a VA does... and at RL, I'm the one behind the scenes, answering your emails, handling the newsletters, dealing with password issues and approving new members. Not many people would know that… I'm in a Spice Girls video. Don't blink though or you'll miss me! You can always twist my arm with… chocolate. When I’m not at Rachel’s List, you can find me… working with other clients and being a mum to my two young boys. I can always help with… posting a job, sorting an invoice, looking into your Toolkit purchases, getting you a receipt and any other site issues. Catch me

Claire Chow

connections manager

Most people call me... Claire, but I have also been known to answer to Madam Chow, Claire Bear and Bearsy.  My role at Rachel’s List… is to let a wide range of job-posters know about Rachel's List, and get great jobs on the board for our talented job-seekers. You can always twist my arm with… An Espresso Martini! When I’m not at Rachel’s List, you can find me… freelancing as a social media content creator. Most people wouldn’t know I’m also… a mum of twins! I also studied film and TV at uni. Yeah, content wasn’t really a ‘thing’ back then. I can always help with… posting your job, our new Short List job posting service, industry advice or anything else related to our jobs board. Drop me a line

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testimonials from job posters

  • “Very handy tool to have for creative roles, applicants came through quickly and were relevant to the position.”
    Jo Ellis, Recruitment Advisor, News Limited
  • “Rachel’s List is the first place I think of when I’m in an editorial resourcing bind. Followed religiously by an army of experienced freelancers, I know I’ll find a sub or an editor within a couple of hours of posting an ad.”
    Trisha Valliappan, Publisher, Hardie Grant Magazines
  • “Really impressed at the high quality applicants I received from a single ad on Rachel’s List. Far and away superior to other recruitment sites I have tried. The customer service is also unbelievably good, it really is the whole package. There is no need to go anywhere else. Thank you!”
    Paul Mitchell, Women in Pop
  • “I’d been a member of Rachel’s list for several years as a freelancer and so when I needed to source experienced film and TV writers for Encore magazine, the list was my first port of call. I emailed Rachel to let her know what I was looking for and within an hour, I had more than 15 emails from writers that fit the bill. Six months on, I’m still working with three of the freelancers who got in touch from the list so I can’t recommend it enough.”
    Brooke Hemphill, former Managing Editor, Encore Magazine
  • “We looked for a journalist/sub using the major job sites, and the best candidate by far came to us via The List.”
    Richard Garfield, The Project Group
  • “The List is one of my favourite resources for at least 782 different reasons. Sign up. Do it!”
    Georgia Rickard, Travel Editor
  • “Rachel’s List puts a range of quality journalists at your fingertips and is perfect too if you need a sub, editor or writer to fill a full time role. It’s also an easy way to discover a new range of freelance writers. It’s my first go-to resource.”
    Kathy Buchanan, Digital Editor, WYZA + Reader’s Digest
  • “Your list has been invaluable to me, both as a job-seeker and a job-poster. I have found so many quality jobs through The List, and it was no surprise that when it came time for me to post a job I received a number of talented applicants in the first couple of hours. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us over the years.”
    Erin Delaney, Digital Delivery Team Leader, CHOICE
  • “I have used most job sites to find good staff for my publishing business – none has been as successful as Rachel’s List. The quality of candidates is exceptional, and all of those I have interviewed say The List is their go-to place for the best jobs in Australian journalism. From production staff to writers, I would certainly recommend Rachel’s List.”
    Peter Lynch, publisher, Big Splash Media
  • “Thank you for the listing on your entry level database for a newsletter and social media writer. We’re getting some very good responses.”
    Rabbi Dovid Slavin, Our Big Kitchen,
  • “The List has been an absolutely invaluable tool for me to find star employees for short and long term projects. I’ve often posted job adverts on the usual suspects and not received the same calibre of responses as I receive from The List. Because it is word of mouth, passed on from people immersed in Australia’s publishing industry, you can be assured of being connected with some great people with real talent.”
    Michelle Hespe, Editor in Chief, Edge Custom Media
  • “I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the high number of quality candidates who responded to my ad for freelance work on Rachel’s List. The hardest part was choosing someone, given so many were more than suitable.”
    Sam Butler, Team Leader, Editing and Verification, CHOICE
  • “Rachel’s List is the first place I head when I’m looking for good editorial people. I generally don’t have time to sift through endless contacts to find someone – especially if it’s at short notice. This way, I send Rachel an email, then await responses from people on her mailing list. We’ve had great results with the freelancers we’ve used. Such a simple, effective idea (wish I’d thought of it!).”
    Sally Feldman, managing editor, MasterChef Magazine
  • “As a freelance editor, I often need other great freelance writers and subs to work on various projects. No matter what skills or knowledge I’m looking for, Rachel’s List always delivers the goods and I generally have my pick of fantastic freelancers within a day of posting a position on the site (often within a few hours!). Because of my positive experience, I frequently recommend Rachel’s List to other editors looking for staff.”
    Michelle Bateman, Freelance editor and writer
  • “Rachel’s List brought instant results in our search for a casual sub. By the dozens. Highly recommended.”
    Tina Perinotto, Managing Editor The Fifth Estate
  • “I posted an editorial position on Rachel’s List at 11:36am and had my first of many great applications at 12:00pm. Can’t ask for more than that.”
    Toby Heap, Heap Media
  • “When looking for new writers and editors, Rachel’s List is always the first place I turn. The responses start tumbling in, often within minutes, and the quality of applicants is always a league ahead of what I’d receive from an advert on a general jobs website. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”
    Richard Ryan, Editorial Director, Citrus Media
  • “Rachel, just a quick note to say thanks so much for all the work that you’ve forwarded my way. I did an eight-week casual subbing role at Key Media, and then another subbing role The Knot Magazine. I’m full-time now, but I just wanted to say a big thanks as the List has been a really big help to me!”
    Hayley Beullens, Online Editor, Traveltalk Magazine
  • Rachel’s list helped us source a copywriter for a client at the 11th hour.  The process, was seamless, well priced, and we had great applicants come straight through to us shortly after placing the ad.  We’ll be using Rachel’s list again for similar requirements.
     Andrew Frayne, 90 Seconds
  • “I think the list is a fantastic way of keeping up with movements in the publishing industry.”
    Micaela George, Editor, Little Angel and The Wiggles Mag

testimonials from job seekers

  • “I have found the List a fantastic avenue for work. One of the jobs that came up on the List now provides me with a well-paid regular gig.”
    Carla Caruso, freelance writer,
  • “An amazing resource for journalists and editors alike.”
    Helen Signy, Freelancer
  • “I find the List very beneficial as someone seeking employment as many of the jobs advertised through the list are unavailable elsewhere (particularly the contract/freelance gigs).”
    Sharon Green, Journalist & Copywriter,
  • “I’ve been freelancing for three weeks and in that time The List has brought me three weeks’ worth of work! It’s a fantastic insider tool that alerts you to opportunities that often aren’t advertised anywhere else.”
    Rebecca Whish, Freelancer
  • “I’ve found staff through the list – and seen my own job advertised on it! It’s been invaluable to keep an eye on what is happening out there in media land.”
    Anna Gibson, Freelancer
  • “The List is one of the most powerful and effective work tools any freelancer has. It also has a reputation throughout the industry as being THE work list to be on, and for a very simple reason – it works and it is authoritative. These are jobs people want, and editors posting the jobs trust they are being directed to the most qualified people in the industry.”
    John Burfitt, Freelancer,
  • “The List is great. It alerts members to job opportunities, helps freelancers feel connected to a wider network of people and, to a smaller extent, informs them about what’s happening where.”
    Bronwyn McNulty, Freelancer
  • “What I love about the list is that it’s genuine, with real jobs from major publishers. I also like that you are ‘filtering’ the people who join it.”
    Sue White, Freelance Writer,
  • “Not more than two weeks after arriving back in Australia after a 5 year absence, I found a job through Rachel’s List. Initially, it was a 2 week contract that became a part-time gig and then within 4 months, a full time job. Basically, I turned up and never left. The List paved a trusted path in to a workplace for both me and my employer, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!”
    Victoria Hannaford, Journalist, News Limited
  • “Love it. It’s a great way of making work contacts beyond your immediate circle.”
    Kieren Charteris, Freelancer
  • “I scored regular jobs and a freelance gig from the List – I think it’s important there’s a central ‘body’ for these sorts of editorial roles.”
    Amelia Dalton, Freelancer
  • Rachel’s List has proved an invaluable tool in knowing what is out there – especially when it comes to jobs that are normally only published via an intranet.
    Luke Malone, Freelance Journalist
  • “As a freelance writer across various industries I have found the List absolutely invaluable over many years. Not only have I found jobs and new contacts through it, but it helps me feel connected to the freelance writing world, knowing what kind of work is available and on offer. Freelance writing can be a lonely gig, but the List has helped me and countless others stay connected.”
    Victoria Lea, Freelance Writer
  • “I’ve been on the list for just over a year. Although I don’t have a background in magazines and newspapers (rather in book publishing, TV, government and PR), I’ve picked up some good assignments and established a relationship with a custom publication agency thanks to the List. I have also just enrolled in a subediting and InDesign workshop and am hoping this will give me the skills to find more work.”
    Julian Leatherdale, Freelancer
  • “I can’t thank you enough for doing this. Seriously. Whatever you’re making from it isn’t nearly what it’s worth to all of us in the industry – especially these days.”
    Haki P. Crisden, freelancer
  • “They reckon over 80 percent of jobs aren’t advertised, and yet you’re finding a way to get a few that otherwise wouldn’t be, out to us.”
    Naomi Hart, Freelancer,
  • “Rachel’s List is an amazing resource for connecting freelancers and editors and spreading news of full and part time media jobs, contract work and freelance assignments. Being on the List means I’m one step ahead of the pack!”
    Pip Harry, Freelancer,
  • “Just wanted to let you know that I responded to the call for pitches from Renegade Collective, and I already have an assignment! Thanks for providing this service!”
    Chloe Walker, freelancer
  • “It’s an invaluable service and very encouraging to know there’s work out there if needed.”
    Gary Smith, Freelancer,
  • “I love knowing what’s ‘out there’ as so many jobs seem to be distributed only in certain circles. Knowledge is power, so just having a bit more info about job possibilities is invaluable. Working as a freelancer can be very much a solo effort, and can feel as though you’re totally on your own. But knowing a bit more about what’s going on – and that there are others in the same boat – really is quite reassuring.”
    Annette Campbell, freelancer

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