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The story of Rachel’s List

How did Rachel’s List start?

It was actually over a plate of dumplings and some wine! I was job-sharing at TV Week with two other journos and we’d never met, so decided we’d do lunch. Yum cha and savignon blanc, as I recall...

How did other freelancers start joining?

Colleagues heard about our lunches and asked to come along. As the unofficial organiser, I started a ‘list’ of people in my email who were keen to stay connected.

When did it become a jobs list?

As my ‘list’ got bigger, editors heard about it and started sending me subbing or writing jobs to post to it. And since going online in 2012, we’ve been posting jobs for all kinds of employers looking to hire freelance journalists, copywriters, content producers and other creatives across media, digital, PR and comms.

How much has the list grown?

We went online with 800 journos on our newsletter. Today, we’re connected to a community of over 4,500 journos, copywriters, editors, subs, content writers, designers, PRs and other creatives from around Australia.

I want to know more!

Drop us a line via our contact page - or sign up to The Wrap-Up, our much-loved Friday newsletter for writers and freelancers.

Who posts jobs with us?

Meet the team!

Rachel Smith

founder and director

Most people call me... Rach, Rachel or Are You The Real Rachel Behind Rachel's List? My day typically involves... running the show here and freelancing for my own clients. As a freelancer, I... write for editors, content managers, corporate clients and small businesses. Never a dull moment! You can always twist my arm with… a sleep-in. My role at Rachel's List is… leading the team, making decisions, planning content, negotiating with job-posters, recording episodes of The Content Byte podcast - and working with my podcast co-host Lynne Testoni to organise The Content Byte Summit, our conference for freelancers. Get in touch if you need… advice about industry pay rates, help writing your job ad, or want to discuss a collaboration. Reach me onhello@rachelslist.com.au

Claire Chow

official wing woman

Most people call me... Claire, but I've been known to answer to The Claire-ifier! My role at Rachel’s List… is to support Rachel with all things marketing and strategy but I'm also her business brains-trust.  You can always twist my arm with… Any kind of dark chocolate, thanks. When I’m not at Rachel’s List, you can find me… freelancing as a digital marketer for my own clients. Most people wouldn’t know I’m also… a mum of twins! I also studied film and TV at uni. Yeah, content wasn’t really a ‘thing’ back then. I can always help with… posting your job, locking in ad spots in The Wrap-Up newsletter, how to join our entry level list, and anything else related to our service. Drop me a line at… hello@rachelslist.com.au

Leah Selfe

VA + systems legend

Most people ask me... if I trademarked the name Selfie - I wish I did but unfortunately that boat has sailed. Imagine the canal living I would've had! When I’m not at Rachel’s List, I’m... hanging with my little man by the beach (Gold Coast is home) or listening to True Crime podcasts with a green tea. Most people wouldn’t know I... was a travel agent for nearly 10 years and worked in the events industry moving large groups of people around the world (up to 5000 at a time). You can always twist my arm with… a good glass of gin and a cheese platter! Get in touch if you… have any general Rachel's List questions - I'm on hello@rachelslist.com.au

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