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Looking for a range of pay rates to help you when quoting on writing jobs? Or are you a job-poster wondering what to pay a freelancer? Our newly-updated pay rates report has a range of freelance writing rates to get you started.


Whether you’re a job-poster wondering what to pay a freelancer, or you’re a freelancer quoting a project, our pay rates report can get you started. It features regularly updated freelance writing rates for a range of different types of creatives. Our latest report is based on our most recent 2023 pay rates survey and results from surveys of other respected industry organisations.

This is a report we compiled to help our job-posters who weren’t sure what to pay freelancers, but it took on a bit of a life of its own when our job-seekers found out about it – and it’s since been downloaded and shared hundreds of times.

Our pay rates report covers freelance writing rates for:

  • copywriters and different copywriting tasks
  • content writing and content strategy rates
  • journalist day rates and average word rates
  • sub-editors, editors and proofreaders
  • ghost-writing (books)
  • social media writers, managers and strategists
  • graphic designers
  • coaching and training
  • corporate comms and PR
  • podcast producing
  • and more!

Also included in our new report:

  • How to write a good job ad (one that’s effective, and draws the right applicants in)
  • What we need from you if you’d like us to write your ad for you

If you’d like advice on what to pay (or what to charge) for another type of creative job, please email us via our contact page.

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