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Digital marketers

Boost visibility and drive traffic to your site

Digital marketing is any kind of marketing that you do online to connect with your customers – whether that’s via search engines, blog posts, social media or email marketing.

And if you’re struggling to generate online leads, boost traffic and build brand awareness, a good digital marketer can make all the difference to your business. Working with a digital marketer will mean honing in on your business goals, ideal customers and identifying digital campaigns which will result in online traffic and conversions. It’s likely a digital marketer will work within various channels including, but not limited to, social media, SEO, strategy, digital advertising and email marketing. They’ll take on tasks such as...

  • SEO research or SEO audits
  • Setting up Meta/Facebook paid ads
  • Google Adword campaigns
  • Checking analytics and measuring organic traffic
  • Website improvements or development
  • Creating content strategies across all channels
  • Focusing on KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Managing the dynamics of customer relationships on digital channels
  • Writing and scheduling paid ads on social media
  • Instant messaging marketing
  • EDM and automations marketing

Hiring a digital marketer - FAQs

How much would I expect to pay a digital marketer?

Expect to pay anywhere between $70-110/hour for a digital marketer. If you need a data driven freelancer who can provide you with detailed conversion tracking, the going rate is a little higher. We recommend asking your freelancer if they offer package rates as you may be able to bundle the work together.

My business needs digital marketing help but I’m not sure where to start?

If you think you need a digital marketer to implement any of the tasks and projects we’ve listed above, the first step is to advertise a gig / job with us. Even if you’re unsure where to start, a digital marketing freelancer will be able to guide you in the right direction and create a workable strategy for your project / campaign.

Why should I hire a digital marketer?

If your business relies on online leads, without a digital marketer, your marketing may not be reaching your ideal customers. That’s the beauty of hiring a digital marketer expert. A digital marketer’s end-goal is to drive increased traffic to your website, and ultimately, convert leads to paying customers. A digital marketer looks at all of the digital touchpoints in your business and leverages these to reach and communicate to those most likely to buy your product or service. Many digital marketers are also ‘one-stop-shops’ and are able to strategise, implement and analyse campaigns.

What’s the difference between a digital marketer and a social media manager?

In the online freelance world there’s a lot of crossover between different roles and often it depends on your business and the freelancer’s skillset to make a match. (This is where your detailed brief and job ad comes into play!) Typically, you’ll find a social media manager is dedicated to the social media space and has a mixed bag of skills including social media strategy, writing, design, image sourcing, curating posts and insights. Some social media managers also implement paid ad campaigns and measure conversions. A digital marketer has a wider scope of expertise and whilst they may manage social media channels, they’ll also be implementing paid ads across platforms, developing email automations & campaigns, optimising content for search engines and analysing all the data that goes with this to be constantly improving & learning from each campaign.

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