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Podcast producers and editors

They do podcast research, audio editing or admin

Creating a popular podcast can be time-consuming, and many podcasters find it essential to farm out some of the regular tasks involved. It’s just not as easy as hitting record! There’s a whole lot of research, investing in the right equipment, finding interesting guests and booking them in, writing a script which is podcast ready… and then there’s uploading the podcast to your favourite hosting platform and the promotion and marketing.

A freelance podcast producer will have the expertise, equipment and software to level-up your podcast. Doing so can also give you back time you need to build engagement on your podcast or work on the fun bits you actually enjoy. At Rachel’s List, you can find a talented podcast producer to help with…

  • Podcast editing and audio management
  • Evaluating content pitches
  • Handling guest liaison
  • Managing podcast talent
  • Writing long-form podcast scripts
  • Compiling and writing show notes
  • Production support including research and guest bookings
  • Implementing remote recordings
  • Marketing and social media promotion of your podcast
  • Monitoring metrics and listener demographics
  • Creating audiograms and other social posts

Hiring a podcast producer - FAQs

How do podcast producers charge? What are the rates?

Many podcast producers tend to charge monthly fees or a per-episode rate. In terms of hourly rates, we recommend paying a podcast producer anywhere between $50 to $90 an hour. Be clear in your job spec and let them know you’re open to conversations around monthly or per-episode fees.

I’m just starting out. How will a podcast producer help me?

Firstly, congrats on taking the plunge. Starting your very own podcast, whether it’s as a side hustle or part of your business content strategy, can be daunting. That’s why we created a guide. Wouldn’t it be a weight off your shoulders, though, to know your talent is booked, recordings are clear, show notes and episodes are uploaded and the podcast is promoted on your socials? Freelance podcast producers can help with these and so many other tasks - just take a look at the list above and start creating your brief. And remember that the role can vary. You might be after a podcast producer to be involved in every element of the show. You may, alternatively just want a freelancer who offers podcast editing services. Maybe, you want to hit the ground running and you’d prefer a one-off consultation with a producer who can help you set everything up. These are just some of the ways a professional podcast producer can help.

Do I need specific podcast editing software? Or can a producer sort this out for me?

There’s a whole stack of podcast editing software out there including Garageband, Audacity, TypeStudio just to name a few. If you hire a professional podcast producer, you’ll find they’ll have recording and editing covered - saving you the initial set up and ongoing costs. If it’s in your budget, a podcast producer will enhance your podcast and save you the hassle of learning a new software. Remember, when you advertise with us, you’ll be able to detail exactly the skillset and tools you would like your freelancer to have.

What skills should I include in a podcast producer job ad?

The ideal skillset will really depend on exactly what your business and podcasting needs. We recommend you ask for the following skills: research skills, podcast editing, communications skills, project management experience, writing skills and marketing know-how.

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