Freelance performance review worksheet

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Want to make more money, find better clients and generally kick butt as a freelancer? It’s critical to review your business regularly – and plan ahead. This handy worksheet will help you get started.


If you’re a freelancer keen to grow your business, get better clients and make more money, it’s critical to reflect on how you’re doing and plan for the future. That’s where our freelance performance review worksheet comes in. This is a tool specifically for creatives, and it’s designed to help you take stock of the year that’s been. To remember the stories and projects you were most proud of. The people you loved working with. How much money you made. It’ll also prompt you to think about what you’d like to do better. Who you might like to pitch to or collaborate with. How you can create a better work/life balance. And of course, what you’d LIKE to be earning and how to make that happen!

The worksheet is a pdf with a range of sections and questions on your performance, earnings, your wellbeing, getting out of your comfort zone as a freelancer and setting goals. We recommend blocking out some time to download it and fill it in (either by typing directly into the pdf boxes on the worksheet or by printing it out) to get some insights into the type of year you want to create for yourself and your business going forward. Enjoy!


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