Freelancer retainer agreement


Does a client require ongoing, regular work or tasks? They may be open to a monthly retainer agreement. This customisable template will get you started.

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A freelancer retainer agreement is essentially an ongoing work arrangement between you and a client. The client pays you a certain amount per week or month, and you deliver a certain amount of work in that time. Regular income, tick. Regular work, tick. Less hustle, tick! Retainers are the holy grail for most freelancers – and clients love to know their work is prioritised. However, it is critical that you hammer out some rules of engagement – and that you get sign off from your client. This template makes it easy to create a professional agreement, including:

  • the scope of work (you may wish to send a more comprehensive statement of work along with the retainer)
  • what you need to include to eliminate scope creep
  • determining who owns materials / copyright
  • the ground rules for payment / disputes.

Please note: If you choose to use this template in a client / freelancer arrangement, please seek appropriate legal advice about any issues that may be necessary.


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