Freelancer letter of agreement template

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Want to lock down the parameters of a quick one-off project with a client? Our customisable freelancer letter of agreement template will sort you out, fast.

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Freelancer statement of work agreement

Got a new project on the boil with a few moving parts? Our easy-to-use statement of work template will help you set the parameters of the project (instructions included!).



Landed a quick but lucrative job with a client? If it’s a simple one-off project, a lengthy statement of work or retainer agreement is probably not required. Instead, use a freelancer letter of agreement template to outline the expectations of the job and protect the interests of both parties. This handy template is easy to customise, and it covers:

  • the scope of the agreement
  • what’s not in scope
  • deliverables and the delivery terms (for both parties)
  • information on how disputes will be resolved
  • the fees, liabilities and payment terms of the agreement.

Once you’ve collected all the information for your letter of agreement template, it’s easy to update the document, save it as a PDF and send it straight to your client for approval.

Please note: If you choose to use this template in a client / freelancer arrangement, please seek appropriate legal advice about any issues specific to your circumstances.


  1. mhackshall

    I wished I found this a month ago when dealing with a new client, but so glad I have it now. It covers all the bits and pieces in a format that’s easy to update and adjust.

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