VIDEO MASTERCLASS – Beyond Journalism: How to survive and thrive with new income streams

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Using your skills as a journalist to tap into lucrative new income streams is easier than you think – and this valuable video masterclass reveals how to get started.


Want to use the journalism skills you’ve honed for years, but having trouble getting enough work? During this three-hour video masterclass, you’ll learn from four veteran journalists (Lynne Testoni, Michelle Bateman, John Burfitt and Ellen Hill). Each has successfully transferred his or her skills into lucrative new income streams, including corporate writing, copywriting, content marketing, training and coaching, and PR. This video version includes 5 presentations, slides and resources supplied by the presenters.

Find out:

  • how they made the leap beyond journalism into other income streams and found clients
  • why your journalism skills are so valuable and how transferrable they are
  • what pay rates are like (and insider info on what to charge)
  • how you can get started today and start finding new, higher-paying clients.
NB: You’ll be sent to a separate platform to view these videos and access passwords will be sent to you via email after purchase.


  1. Fiona

    I really loved that the speakers had come from journalism backgrounds and had lived experience with transitioning into other areas. After watching this masterclass, I feel more confident in aiming towards content writing and training, and I will get that business card made, which I was uncertain I needed in this digital age.

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