VIDEO MASTERCLASS – Pitching! Secrets from editors in print, digital and custom media, plus how to pitch your services to corporate clients

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Do you struggle getting your story pitches over the line? This video masterclass serves up rare insights from three editors who regularly commission. Plus, freelancer Lindy Alexander shares her valuable, tried-and-tested strategies on pitching your services to corporate clients.


Pitching your heart out, but want to get more stories commissioned? In this hugely popular video masterclass, you’ll pick up rare insights from top Sydney-based editors Lisa Sinclair, Nick Bhasin and Clare Brundle. Whether you’re pitching to print, digital or custom publishers, find out what they look for in a pitch and how to get the green light on your story ideas. You’ll also listen to a valuable session by freelancer Lindy Alexander, who reveals how to find and pitch to high-paying corporate clients.

In this pitching masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • how to craft the kind of story pitches that pique an editor’s interest and result in commissions
  • what you can do to be more appealing to editors and build those long-term relationships
  • strategies for dealing with rejection and fostering a positivity mindset (even in a competitive market)
  • the secrets to pitching to corporate clients, and developing systems so you’re never short of work.
NB: You’ll be sent to a separate platform to view these videos and access passwords will be sent to you via email after purchase.


  1. Michelle Meehan

    “Pitching is one of my biggest issues so to be able to pick up information from such a wonderful array of presenters was an opportunity too good to miss. I loved the diversity of the speakers in this masterclass. They covered areas I might not necessarily have thought of but showcased such important differences to the approach needed.”

  2. Trudie McConnochie

    “The speakers in this masterclass were all incredibly valuable and their presentations were packed with useful information. I learned about the real value of LinkedIn, the difference between digital and print pitches (and the email templates were great). I also gained an appreciation of how busy editors are, which helped me understand why there’s such a delay in getting replies to my pitches.”

  3. Jude Whitfield

    There was a gap in my knowledge and I felt this masterclass would address that. I loved the variety and experience of the speakers. They knew their stuff and were willing to share it. The information was practical, helpful and relevant. Main takeaways? Fix my LinkedIn page! Network, connect and I need to be brave. I’ve never pitched (really) before so I feel armed and ready to dive in!

  4. Bunny Banyai

    The whole masterclass was invigorating and inspiring. I’ll be prioritising my LinkedIn profile to make connections and hook corporate clients! And using social media to approach editors and potential clients, which I’ve always wondered about and never done, feeling they may view it as intrusive. I’ve never done any courses or classes before, apart from uni – and the sense of familiarity I had with Rachel’s List made me feel that this masterclass would be worthwhile (and it was!).

  5. Deborah

    It’s easy to find and read info about anything online including pitching, but what this masterclass delivered in spades – that a google search doesn’t – was current insights and advice from editors at the top of their games about what’s happening and relevant now.

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