VIDEO MASTERCLASS – Visibility: Tips, tricks and strategies for landing clients online and offline

$129.00 $79.00 inc GST

This value-packed video masterclass will reveal exactly how you can stand out from the crowd and bring clients to you – whether you’re online or out in the real world.


Attracting new leads – both online and offline – is at the heart of this video masterclass. Our incredible speaker line-up features Jude Love from Journos Get Online, Esther Holloway from Site Hustle, Brook McCarthy from Hustle and Heart, and David Wasserman and George Redmond from Wasamedia. Together, these five will equip you with the tools and time-saving tips to be visible – and market yourself so effectively as a freelancer the work will come to you. This masterclass includes 4 x video presentations, slides and any additional resources supplied by the presenters.

Find out:

  • how to create a website that operates as a sales force for you, rather than just a portfolio
  • ways to make SEO work for you, plus keywords freelancers should consider using
  • easy fixes you can implement to improve your website traffic today
  • strategies for building your brand on social and using it to bring those perfect clients to you
  • valuable pricing tips and how to get new clients to sign on the dotted line (there’s a trick to it).
  • how to woo leads offline, nurture ongoing relationships and make sure you keep that work flowing.
NB: You’ll be sent to a separate platform to view these videos and access passwords will be sent to you via email after purchase.


  1. Carrie Hutchinson

    I am completely hopeless at tooting my own horn and have relied on word of mouth to get work for years and years. But watching the masterclass made me realise I have to get with it, build a website, come up with my elevator pitch and basically just grow up and accept this is an actual business – not a job.

  2. Alison Hill

    All the speakers were so relevant and their presentations were really on target. I came away with several practical things to implement right away as well as a whole lot of inspiration. My favourite speaker was Jude Love. Her presentation was most relevant to my current situation, i.e. I have a website, but I’m changing direction a bit and so the site must change too, and she gave a lot of information about how to do that.

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