Start Me Up Freelancer Bundle

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Starting out as a freelancer? This bargain bundle has all the tools you need to get your bizz off onto a flying start.

Pitch tracker

If you're regularly pitching stories to editors and clients, but you don't really have a system for monitoring your pitches, our user-friendly Excel pitch tracker tool is a game-changer. Compatible with Excel or Excel Online.

Income tracker

Monitor your invoices and client payments, keep track of your expenses and save yourself oodles of time at the end of the tax year.

Rate card

Need a quick and easy rate card you can customise and send to clients? Grab this handy template.

Freelancer invoice templates (4-pack)

Invoices are boring. We all know it. And that's all the more reason to make yours beautiful and memorable - which is easy with our freelancer invoice template pack.

60 essential tools for freelancers

As a freelancer this is the ONLY list of tools and resources you'll ever need!

Freelancer statement of work agreement

Got a new project on the boil with a few moving parts? Our easy-to-use statement of work template will help you set the parameters of the project (instructions included!).


Freelancer letter of agreement template

Want to lock down the parameters of a quick one-off project with a client? Our customisable freelancer letter of agreement template will sort you out, fast.

The pay rates report

Looking for a range of pay rates to help you when quoting on writing jobs? Or are you a job-poster wondering what to pay a freelancer? Our newly-updated pay rates report has a range of freelance writing rates to get you started.


It can be nerve-wracking entering the freelance world, especially if you’ve been in-house for many years. It calls for a new mindset and quite a different way of working. Getting your systems sorted from the start is essential and that’s where our exclusive Start Me Up Freelancer Bundle comes in. For a limited time, save 30 percent on this product bundle, which includes:

  • The pay rates report (2024)
  • Rate card template
  • Invoice template pack
  • Freelancer statement of work template
  • Freelancer letter of agreement template
  • 60 essential tools for freelancers
  • Income tracker
  • Pitch tracker

Grab it now for a great price!


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