Mega Masterclass Bundle

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Watch our entire masterclass series in your own time with this value-packed video version.

VIDEO MASTERCLASS - Pitching! Secrets from editors in print, digital and custom media, plus how to pitch your services to corporate clients

Do you struggle getting your story pitches over the line? This video masterclass serves up rare insights from three editors who regularly commission. Plus, freelancer Lindy Alexander shares her valuable, tried-and-tested strategies on pitching your services to corporate clients.

VIDEO MASTERCLASS - Visibility: Tips, tricks and strategies for landing clients online and offline

This value-packed video masterclass will reveal exactly how you can stand out from the crowd and bring clients to you - whether you're online or out in the real world.

VIDEO MASTERCLASS - Beyond Journalism: How to survive and thrive with new income streams

Using your skills as a journalist to tap into lucrative new income streams is easier than you think - and this valuable video masterclass reveals how to get started.


If you missed our winter masterclass series, we’ve got the next best thing: our Mega Masterclass Bundle! Each masterclass, recorded on the day and edited shortly after, is now available in full in this info-packed video pack.

What’s included:

  • 13 videos featuring expert speakers
  • All presentation slides embedded (and available separately)
  • Extra resources and links if provided by the speaker

Who are the speakers?

Masterclass 1 – Beyond Journalism

  1. Lynne Testoni on cracking the corporate writing market
  2. John Burfitt on moving into teaching, training and coaching
  3. Michelle Bateman on content marketing and copywriting (2 videos)
  4. Ellen Hill on moving from journalism to PR

Masterclass 2 – Visibility

  1. Jude Love on creating a website that’s a sales force and brings you clients
  2. Esther Holloway on SEO, keywords and ranking better in Google
  3. Brook McCarthy on harnessing the power of social media to find clients
  4. David Wasserman and George Redmond on connecting with clients and closing deals out in the real world

Masterclass 3 – Pitching

  1. Lisa Sinclair on the ins and outs of pitching to print editors
  2. Nick Bhasin on the differences with digital and pitching to digital editors
  3. Clare Brundle on how to pitch to editors in custom media
  4. Lindy Alexander on how to pitch your services to high-paying corporates
NB: You’ll be sent to a separate platform to view these videos and access passwords will be sent to you via email after purchase.


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