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Want to create your own bundle of mini masterclasses? Our Pick’n’Mix is just the ticket – choose four classes that interest you and receive a sweet discount off your final bundle!

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MINI MASTERCLASS: The Secrets to Getting Consistent Content Marketing Work

Looking to crack the content marketing space? Wondering which of your skills are transferable, how to find work with agencies or clients - and how much you should charge? This one-hour mini masterclass offers a must-see introduction to content marketing, presented by editor and content marketing specialist Rob Johnson from Engage Media.

MINI MASTERCLASS: Turbo-charge your money-making skills as a freelancer

In this 1-hour webinar, we welcome digital marketing trainer and business coach Brook McCarthy from Hustle and Heart. In her trademark 'kick-up-the-bum' style, Brook presents a lively and interactive mini masterclass on money - covering everything from negotiating rates with clients, to communicating your value (without freaking out), to pricing and bundling your services, and the art of following up on quotes and proposals. This video is absolute gold for anyone who struggles with talking money (notebook and pen essential!)

MINI MASTERCLASS: How to confidently manage your freelance clients

Managing clients as a freelancer can be challenging - and this webinar, presented by content creator and Freelance Jungle founder Rebekah Lambert, will equip you with a heap of handy tips and strategies. You'll learn the secrets to good client management, how to set boundaries and stick to them, sidestepping common client mistakes and even sacking those toxic clients you no longer want on your roster. Plus, find out how to create systems for more streamlined client management.

MINI MASTERCLASS: Editing fundamentals every writer needs to know

In this mini masterclass, we welcome Carrie Hutchinson, editor and head of content at Grin Creative. Carrie is a stickler for the well-written word and believes it's never been more important for writers to be their own sub-editor. She covers what you need to know about self-editing, fact-checking and proof-reading your work - whether you're writing for magazines, producing content for a client or publishing your own blog.

MINI MASTERCLASS: Freelancer or business owner? Shift your mindset and take control of your work and income

Could changing how you view your work and your business impact your earnings? Copywriter Kirsty Fanton thinks so, and in this mini masterclass, she talks about how shifting your mindset from freelancer to business owner could give you more control over the work you get and the money you make.

MINI MASTERCLASS: A starter guide to keywords and SEO for content writers

Keen to learn the basics about SEO? In this one-hour masterclass, copywriter Rashida Tayabali explains the ins and outs of keywords, searcher intent and why it's important when writing online content. Plus, learn about the tools and templates that can help - and how SEO made a big difference to one of Rashida's clients. BONUS: Download sample of  a content piece with keywords and SEO inserted, so you can see how Rashida files SEO copy for her clients.

MINI MASTERCLASS: Your essential guide to quoting freelance projects

Do you struggle with quoting freelance projects? Wish you could cost out a project quickly and accurately instead of second-guessing yourself and taking hours? This one-hour video webinar is for you. Nail the quoting process with step-by-step instructions on costing out a variety of projects, find out the templates that'll speed up the job, learn how to quote tricky jobs with multiple moving parts, and much more.

MINI MASTERCLASS: The art of the interview: Expert tips, techniques and lessons from the trenches

As a writer, good interview skills are essential - whether you're interviewing a subject for a story, chatting to a tight-lipped CEO or trying to get useable quotes out of a celebrity. And if you'd like to brush up on your skills or learn new ones, this comprehensive masterclass presented by two senior journos is essential viewing.

MINI MASTERCLASS: Your essential guide to self-publishing a non-fiction book

Looking to self-publish a non-fiction book for yourself or a client? In this comprehensive webinar, author and writer Anna Featherstone shares how to efficiently navigate the self-publishing world and get your book onto the market.


Need to upskill? Our much-loved mini masterclasses are presented by some of Australia’s most knowledgeable experts and packed with info and insights galore. Learn all about…

  • Getting work in content marketing
  • SEO and keywords
  • Editing fundamentals
  • Self-publishing a non-fiction book
  • Creating quotes and proposals
  • Boosting your money-making skills
  • And so much more!

Simply pick’n’mix four classes you’d like below to create your discount masterclasses bundle. And don’t forget, we have comprehensive half-day video masterclasses available too on pitching, visibility and all the income streams available to you beyond journalism.


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