MINI MASTERCLASS: How to confidently manage your freelance clients

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Managing clients as a freelancer can be challenging – and this webinar, presented by content creator and Freelance Jungle founder Rebekah Lambert, will equip you with a heap of handy tips and strategies. You’ll learn the secrets to good client management, how to set boundaries and stick to them, sidestepping common client mistakes and even sacking those toxic clients you no longer want on your roster. Plus, find out how to create systems for more streamlined client management.

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Are you great at what you do – but suck at client management? This mini masterclass is for you. Our expert speaker is content creator and Freelance Jungle founder Rebekah Lambert, who discusses the following:

  1. What does good / bad client management look like?
  2. Common mistakes to avoid when managing clients
  3. Setting boundaries and sticking to them
  4. How to know when to fire a client and how to do it
  5. Systems for better streamlining your client management

All about Rebekah

Rebekah Lambert is a content and culture freelancer by trade and an accidental freelance advocate.

As the founder of The Freelance Jungle, she spreads a message of community support and stress reduction through focusing on ending the isolation inherent in sole employment. She’s run over 100 events online and in person, answered thousands of freelance related questions, and built a sturdy network of resources for a robust, honest and supported Australian freelance community.

Her current mission is to build better relationships between freelancer and client through better dialogue and a shared idea of what the optimum freelance/workplace relationship looks like.

No stranger to managing multiple voices vying for their say, Rebekah comes from an extensive background stakeholder management at national and regional level. Prior to freelancing, her days were spent successfully managing the delivery of dating and IT product campaigns across Australia and New Zealand for multi-national companies. Whether it was speaking the language of product design to systems teams or sweetening the clients, warehouse or venue staff, Rebekah has used her stakeholder wrangling skills to deliver everything from Opera House tiles to Boston delegates, to love to online singles.

When she’s not talking business and stress reduction, she’s exploring the wonders of Wollongong and the Illawarra. You can follow Rebekah’s adventures via Unashamedly Creative  and via the official Freelance Jungle Facebook group.


  1. Katie McCaffery

    Brilliant mini-masterclass, you’re very knowledgeable Bek! 🙂 I have pages and pages of notes and looking forward to putting them to good use. Thanks so much x

  2. CarrieH

    So much excellent information packed into this mini masterclass. After, like all freelancers, struggling with the what should I charge for years, Bek gave a single piece of advice and I worked it out in about 35 seconds. Plus, I realised there are quite a few steps I’ve missed in treating what I do as a proper business. Thanks so much, Bek.

  3. Deborah

    Mini masterclass, maximum info. Lots of great advice on what to do and how to do it – and what to avoid. Tips on systemising and streamlining processes very helpful too.

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