MINI MASTERCLASS: Your essential guide to quoting freelance projects

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Do you struggle with quoting freelance projects? Wish you could cost out a project quickly and accurately instead of second-guessing yourself and taking hours? This one-hour video webinar is for you. Nail the quoting process with step-by-step instructions on costing out a variety of projects, find out the templates that’ll speed up the job, learn how to quote tricky jobs with multiple moving parts, and much more.

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Quoting. It’s something we need to do a lot as freelancers. But one of the most common questions we get at Rachel’s List is ‘how do I quote for this job?’. It can be a learning curve if you’re used to a word rate by an editor, but are now delving into content marketing or copywriting jobs and having to cost out potentially complex projects. How do you ensure you don’t under-charge or under-sell yourself? Can you get faster at the quoting process? And what are the templates you need to save time on the quoting process – rather than having it take half a day? If you’d like to become faster, more efficient and more accurate at quoting freelance jobs, this masterclass is for you.

Key takeaways

  • Anatomy of a project quote (using real-life case studies and real-life rates) and what you need to know before you can quote (project scope, your rates, deadlines, deliverables)
  • How to determine your ‘internal rate’
  • The types of templates you need in order to speed up your quoting (briefing doc, rate card, quote template, contracts)
  • How to cost five very different projects: book editing, content marketing, copywriting, social media, blogs
  • How to quote trickier jobs with lots of moving parts
  • Quote trouble-shooting: how to hone your process by asking for feedback and other common quoting bug-bears.

More about Lynne

Lynne Testoni is an editor, journalist and content producer who’s worked in high-level editorial positions and as a freelancer for a range of corporate clients. She has sent hundreds of quotes in her time, from straightforward writing jobs to multi-dimensional (and multi-platform) marketing campaigns and has developed processes along the way.

She is also the cohost of the podcast The Content Byte, with Rachel Smith, serving up weekly short bites of advice, tips and strategies for freelancers who make a living from using their words.


  1. Marina

    Thanks for the generous share Lynne! Some great insights with practical tips and advice to take on board, especially reinforcing the message of knowing the value you can bring to writing projects. Recommend tuning in.

  2. Alex Abrahams

    As a former freelancer from many moons ago trying to get back in to business, I got so much out of Lynne Testoni’s mini-Masterclass on quoting freelance projects. It was very interesting and full of useful advice. Lynne is a down-to-earth and engaging presenter, very generous with her information and gave specific examples of how she quotes on a range of projects.

    This class was all about getting into the mindset of thinking like a business rather than just as an individual. It was peppered with information on tools and resources to use, such as briefing templates, apps and accounting software, and all delivered with humour and warmth.

    I enjoyed learning about adding in 20% “PITA allowance” (Pain In The Arse) for those “PITA” clients and being privvy to a detailed breakdown of how Lynne quotes for each kind of job/client – whether it’s a book edit, copywriting, social media content, blogs or journalism.

    Packed full of nuggets of wisdom like “Less words doesn’t mean less work – it often means more work, especially with copywriting jobs, so never charge a word rate.”

    I now have more confidence about getting back into business. Thank you Lynne and Rachel! Well worth the $20!

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