MINI MASTERCLASS: Turbo-charge your money-making skills as a freelancer

$19.95 inc GST

In this 1-hour webinar, we welcome digital marketing trainer and business coach Brook McCarthy from Hustle and Heart. In her trademark ‘kick-up-the-bum’ style, Brook presents a lively and interactive mini masterclass on money – covering everything from negotiating rates with clients, to communicating your value (without freaking out), to pricing and bundling your services, and the art of following up on quotes and proposals. This video is absolute gold for anyone who struggles with talking money (notebook and pen essential!)


As a freelancer, do you struggle with pricing your services, negotiating rates with clients and getting the green light on your quotes and proposals? This mini masterclass is perfect for you. Our expert presenter is digital marketing trainer and business coach Brook McCarthy from Hustle and Heart, who specialises in giving freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses the tools to work smarter, not harder (and yes, make more money!) Brook will be talking about:

  1. Honing your money mindset
  2. Negotiating with clients and talking money / rates
  3. Pricing your services, bundling similar services
  4. Communicating value to clients (without freaking out)
  5. The art of the follow-up.

All about Brook

Brook McCarthy has made all the mistakes in business, so you don’t have to. She started her business 12 years ago, first as a copywriter and digital marketer, before morphing into a digital marketing trainer and business coach for sole traders and small business owners. With a background in PR, Brook teaches business folk to build their reputation as a bankable asset, so as to stand out from the crowd and attract those perfect-fit people to you. When she’s not teaching, training or coaching, Brook loves reading, writing, yoga-ing, and inviting herself to parties. Coronavirus has confirmed that Brook is a glutton who is, luckily, partnered with a chef.


  1. Nina

    Firecrackers were going off in my head after this webinar with Brook. So much to think about not just for freelancers but any small business owner in any industry.
    And you know someone is great at their job when they keep your constantly engaged for an hour over a medium like Zoom. She’s relatable, dynamic and practical in her suggestions.
    Now I’m heading back to get last year’s Visibility Masterclass which she also presented at.

  2. helen hawkes

    Awesome masterclass tackling that other taboo subject besides sex – money. Informative, fun and empowering.

  3. Deborah

    A very engaging presenter with lots of motivational info to share.

  4. Catherine

    Best hour I’ve invested in my business for a long time. Brook is such an engaging presenter and shared so many fantastic insights and tips. I’ve got pages of notes and a shortlist of things to start implementing straight away. Thanks Brook and Rachel for an excellent webinar.

  5. Christine

    Brook was fantastic – engaging, helpful, real – I got so much out of this session, I’m motivated to move on what I’ve learned! Thanks much to Rachel and Brook for a truly useful hour of information, much kudos to both!

  6. Anna

    Energising and affirming – thanks so much Brook and Rachel!

  7. Caitlin

    I loved this mini masterclass with Brook. It was full of so many actionable tips that I can implement right now in my business. It’s definitely given me a new way of thinking about my business and how I can earn more sooner rather than later.

  8. Cathy Anderson

    What an hour of power! Thanks to Brook for giving a spirited and bum-kicking webinar about managing money – and not being afraid to be brave about money as a freelancer. It can be a tough gig on your own, so really appreciated the honesty and the energy. Amazing tips. Thanks Rachel!

  9. CarrieH

    This masterclass was chock-full of amazing advice about managing money and knowing your worth. Brook is an absolute gun – I just want to climb into her brain for half an hour and absorb all her knowledge.

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