MINI MASTERCLASS: Your essential guide to self-publishing a non-fiction book

$19.95 inc GST

Looking to self-publish a non-fiction book for yourself or a client? In this comprehensive webinar, author and writer Anna Featherstone shares how to efficiently navigate the self-publishing world and get your book onto the market.


Got a great idea for a non-fiction book and want to self-publish, but don’t have a clue about where to start? Or do you have clients who are keen to self-publish, but you don’t have the skills to help them? This comprehensive masterclass is for you. It’s presented by writer and author Anna Featherstone, who knows a thing or two about how to get your book into buyers’ hands – or on their device.
Key takeaways:
  1. The pros and cons of traditional versus self-publishing
  2. Finding a niche, planning and finishing your non-fiction book
  3. Learn what you can do yourself, what to outsource to the professionals and how to avoid scams
  4. How to crack library, bookstore, Amazon and direct sales
  5. The key tools and marketing tactics you need to succeed (including software tools plus how to get great cover blurbs & media attention)
  6. How to parlay your self-published book into other opportunities
  7. What it costs to self-publish a book
  8. And much much more!
All about Anna
Anna Featherstone is the author of four non-fiction books including Small Farm Success Australia and the memoir Honey Farm Dreaming. She’s taken traditional publishing and self-publishing routes and has insights into the pros and cons offered by both methods; as well as experience in foreign rights sales, working with literary agents, and the creation of print, ebooks and audiobooks. One of Anna’s latest books is now required reading for a national course. She’s also written for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian, and when she’s not being a mum, carer and nature lover, she’s a grant, awards and content writer.


  1. Linda Moon

    Fabulous overview of self-publishing in non-fiction with many insights offered by someone who has already done so. This has inspired me to build more income by writing non-fiction books and to build my own portfolio. Anna explores the downs as well as the ups of something that is becoming increasingly popular.

  2. Vivienne Pearson

    The content of this workshop was top notch – it’s completely changed my view about self publishing. It was run with a perfect mix of efficiency and friendliness. Thank you, Anna and Rachel!

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