MASTERCLASS: How to create an effective content strategy, with Lauren Hamilton from Digital Narrative

$49.95 + GST

It’s one of the things we’re asked most – how to create a client’s content strategy? What goes into it? Which elements are important, how do you present it to a client, and also, how the heck do you PRICE it? If you’re already edging into doing content strategy for clients but want to be confident about offering it as a paid service, Lauren Hamilton’s game-changing masterclass will take you back to basics and provide the roadmap.



Creating content at random and flinging it into the void rarely delivers on marketing objectives, yet it’s something which has become part of modern digital marketing for brands of all sizes.  We know that content is king (or queen!) but that rule only applies if it’s the right type of content, served in the right way to the right people.  That’s where a sound content strategy is essential, enabling you to deliver content which smashes your business goals. Get off the ‘content for content’s sake’ treadmill and learn how to create a kick-ass content strategy in this masterclass from digital marketer and founder of Digital Narrative, Lauren Hamilton. Guaranteed to change how you think about the process of content creation forever!

This video masterclass includes: Zoom video recording and a cheat sheet of the session.

Takeaways from this masterclass:

  • How to identify your objectives and use them to inform strategy
  • Why consumer insights are key + where to find them
  • How to measure success for future improvement
  • Which channels you should be considering and why
  • Why working with collaborators, guest bloggers and influencers amplifies content
  • Where to find ideas for topics and themes
  • How to weave SEO into your content strategy if required
  • Different types of content strategy pricing models
  • How to present your content strategy to a client (ie report, Powerpoint, Google doc, Airtable?)
  • Further resources for learning more

About Lauren

Lauren Hamilton is owner of Digital Narrative, a boutique agency which helps small businesses punch above their weight in the digital marketing arena.  Her zones of genius include content strategy and creation (especially for social media and email marketing) as well as SEO.  She aims to demystify digital marketing concepts for non-experts, ensuring return on investment and a professional online presence for all clients.  When not at her desk, Lauren is probably mothering her two small boys, relaxing at the beach or reading (or sometimes doing all three at once). Find her on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.


  1. Kat

    Really insightful and practical

  2. Elle

    Practical and some good tips.

  3. Claire

    So many nuggets of gold with this content masterclass. Lauren is a fab presenter. I particularly liked the discussion around re-purposing content across social media and other platforms. (I think that’s one thing everyone forgets to do!) The tips on pricing were great as well.

  4. Santana Rudge

    As someone who has previously only created content strategies client-side, I found this really invaluable for helping me get my head around how to approach this as a freelancer. So many great tips around process, delivery, managing client expectations and tackling time & scope creep. Thanks Lauren!

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