MINI MASTERCLASS: The Secrets to Getting Consistent Content Marketing Work

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Looking to crack the content marketing space? Wondering which of your skills are transferable, how to find work with agencies or clients – and how much you should charge? This one-hour mini masterclass offers a must-see introduction to content marketing, presented by editor and content marketing specialist Rob Johnson from Engage Media.


Are you a journalist or writer looking to get regular content marketing work? This one-hour mini masterclass is the ideal starting point. It’s packed with information on the skills you need, tips on finding content marketing work and what to charge. Our expert speaker is content marketing specialist and editor Rob Johnson from Engage Media, who covers:

  1. A potted history of journalism, publishing, advertising, distribution and marketing from the time of Ancient Rome through till July 2008
  2. The collapse of advertising and the rise of content
  3. Entering content marketing from journalism (and the skills you need)
  4. What do marketers want?
  5. The sales funnel that isn’t a funnel
  6. The distribution crisis and the marketing skills gap
  7. How content marketing differs from PR and advertising
  8. How can you find content marketing work? Is it about relationship building or pitching?
  9. Agencies, direct to the client and building your audience
  10. Common content marketing mistakes to avoid
  11. What content marketing pays (word rates, flat rates, contract work)
  12. Audience Q&A

All about Rob

Rob has worked as a journalist and/or editor on a wide variety of publications. While finishing his university degree he was a writer for Rolling Stone and Who Weekly, before becoming one of the founding editors of youth culture magazine Juice. He has also worked on Good Weekend, the colour supplement of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, as a feature writer, and as a senior journalist on business-to-business title AdNews. Rob has worked in content marketing since 1998 (before it was known as ‘content marketing’), writing and editing magazines for the Australia Council, Air New Zealand, Ansett, BMW, Subaru, Westpac, DHL, American Express, the Restaurant & Catering Association, BOQ Specialist bank, Mirvac, CSS, Lendlease, Tribeca, and The NSW Department of Education, and many more.

In 2004, Rob teamed up with Mark Brown to create Engage Media, a boutique agency which publishes its own B2B magazines in the dental and veterinary space, and creates magazines, apps and digital content for other businesses. Rob’s magazines have picked up several Publishers Australia Awards over the years, and Rob himself was runner-up for Editor of the Year in 2009. He has an MA (Hons) from Macquarie University and is the author of three non-fiction books: The Golden Age of the ArgonautsBoom-Boom! and Cash For Comment.


  1. Cathy Anderson

    A fantastic Mini Masterclass with Rob Johnson via Zoom. Rob had some excellent insights on the world of content marketing for journalists who are looking to diversity their client list and build relationships outside their current networks.

    The webinar was on point, succinct and, most importantly, very useful for me as a freelance writer and editor looking to navigate a post-coronavirus landscape. The hosted Q&A at the end raised some really valuable points of discussion and Rachel was excellent at converging everyone’s queries and squeezing as much information out of Rob as she could in the time we had.

    Can’t wait for the next Mini Masterclass! Highly recommended for anyone who uses their words to make money.


    Thank you Rachel and Rob for the fantastic mini masterclass.

    Working in a regional area, it was great to be able to have access to such a knowledgeable presenter without having to travel long distances.

    I look forward to the rest of the mini masterclass series.

  3. Diane

    Thanks Rachel and Rob for the master class. It was really insightful. It also helped jog my memory about things I’d forgotten about. And great to touch base, even through a camera lens, with other freelancers.

  4. Deborah

    Very interesting to hear another’s perspective to validate, challenge and/or inform my thinking in this space. Thank you for the presentation and the quickfire Q&A at the end, some solid takeaways.

  5. Gwen O’Toole- Luscombe

    Really enjoyed the mini masterclass and took plenty of notes. Great insight, a bit of a refresher on things and some helpful tips too. Thanks to you both for making it happen.

  6. John

    I am still working my way through the four pages of notes I took during Rob’s inspiring talk. Lots of commonsense, but also a big stack of new ideas and concepts to consider and now work with. It’s talks like these that we need right now so please, keep ’em coming!

  7. Debbie

    This was a really interesting perspective from an industry expert. Even though I have worked in content marketing for some years now I still gleaned some new insights and motivating tips.

  8. Anna Featherstone

    More fantastic information and inspiration from Rachels List! Thank you for your genius and generosity Rachel and Rob. Looking forward to more of the mini masterclasses and all your other goodies and goodness. Thank you again.


    Thank you Rob for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience. I found the master class very worthwhile. The Q&A was also very valuable. Food for thought for me on how I can do things better. Thank you!

  10. Sharon

    Rob’s masterclass was helpful in so many ways, including:
    -finding and maintaining work with content publishers, directly with clients and even building your own audience
    -essential skills and tools you need like an understanding of SEO and how to appeal to an audience
    -where content marketing sits in the marketing tool kit (and why it’s in a different space to PR and advertising)
    -how to deal with quotes, contracts and service level agreements

    This is probably the best hour of training I’ve done in YEARS, and I’ve taken a lot of courses.

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