Rachel’s List Show Me The Money Survey 2013 Infographic

by Rachel Smith
26 July 2013

Rachel's List Show Me The Money 2013 Survey Infographic

Rachel Smith

9 responses on "Rachel’s List Show Me The Money Survey 2013 Infographic"

  1. Richard Jenkins says:

    Very interesting survey Rachel. Well done.

    1. Rachel Smith says:

      Thanks Richard. I must say, infographics are harder than they look. 🙂

  2. That’s such an interesting survey, Rachel. I feel guilty now that I didn’t contribute … Next time, promise.

    1. Rachel Smith says:

      Absolutely Carol, we’re planning to do a big survey each year so I’ll hold you to that!

  3. CarrieH says:

    Hi Rachel. Just wanted to tell you that I shared your infographic with my journalism students last week — scared the bejaysus out of them. The first thing they all saw was $90K+. Then they saw how few earned that and how long people had been in the industry for. Oh well, a harsh dose of reality never hurt anyone.

    1. Rachel Smith says:

      Bless their little cotton socks. I must admit parts of it scared the bejesus out of me too 🙂
      Thanks for sharing it with them!

  4. leedevaz says:

    This is so great Rachel, super insightful and really helpful in assisting me create my own rate-card. I’m going to take a leaf out of Carrie’s book and share it with my lecturer and fellow classmates at uni.

    I think it’s great for people to see the reality of what it is like, and it will be interesting to see this compared to the 2014 results.

  5. What a fantastic post Rachel! Thank you! As a writer who’s gone from a salary (content writing) to freelancing, it’s been very difficult trying to figure out what my work is worth, particularly with so many companies outsourcing their written content nowadays. With the #paythewriters movement, it seems like this isn’t uncommon. How refreshing it was to stumble upon your post with so much valuable information. Thanks again!

    1. Rachel Smith says:

      Hi Helen, thanks so much! But, do stay tuned as we’re gearing up to unleash results from the 2014 survey!

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