25 Scripts For Freelance Success ebook

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Freelance success is in your hands with this ebook of handy scripts. It’ll help put an end to awkward conversations with clients and editors for good!



Awkward conversations with editors and clients are a part of freelancing – and not something you can avoid. That’s where our 25 Scripts for Freelance Success ebook comes in. It’s packed with word-for-word scripts and conversation starters you can use for a range of common scenarios – from raising fees to negotiating for repeat business, dealing with scope creep or crafting the perfect pitch to an editor.

Some scripts you’ll find in this book include:

  1. What to say when offered exposure in lieu of pay
  2. How to cold-call and sell yourself to potential clients
  3. How to write intro emails to potential clients
  4. How to ask clients or editors for testimonials
  5. How to deal with scope creep on a project
  6. How to say no to doing anything ‘on spec’
  7. How to fire a bad client in a good way
  8. How to suggest a retainer to a regular client
  9. How to respond to a request for a ‘rush job’
  10. How to respond when someone says you’re too expensive
  11. How to negotiate scope when the budget’s tight
  12. How to raise your fees without losing clients.

Confidence-boosting scripts. No more ‘awks’.


  1. Linda, freelance journalist

    “Your scripts e-book is really terrific. They are issues I have pondered about in the past, such as how to break particular news to an editor, or the best way to ask for a higher fee or add on a surcharge for a rush job. Coming from a hard news background, where there were few niceties and lots of straight talk, I need these kinds of guidelines. The emails are phrased in such a positive matter, along with ironic titles for the imaginary recipients and humorous asides! Some are hilarious. So thank-you.”

  2. Fran Molloy, long-term freelance journalist 

    “Grab this book for an instant infusion of Rachel’s 15 years-plus experience, with tactful and sensible solutions to the gnarliest questions, trickiest clients and stickiest situations in freelance life.”

  3. John Burfitt, journalist / content creator / coach

    “Rachel Smith is the person freelancers across the country turn to for insights into how to harness their skills to suit the many ways publishing continues to evolve. The fact she shares her brilliant wisdom in this easy-to-use book makes this invaluable, no matter what stage your career is at.”

  4. Debbie Elkind, journalist and copywriter

    “This book gives you all the ammo you need to handle negotiations with clients and editors like a pro, including some very clever ideas for ways to get more work and better pay.”

  5. Kathy Buchanan, freelance journalist

    “Rachel Smith is the industry leader when it comes to insider information in traditional and digital publishing. Easy to use, accessible and a must-buy for anyone working in publishing.”

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