Client tracker

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Need a failsafe system for reaching out to new clients and nurturing existing ones? Our simple but powerful client tracker tool has you covered.

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Are there clients or editors you’ve worked with once or twice and never again? Simply because budgets were cut, the person moved on, or you failed to follow up and cultivate the relationship? You’re not alone. Maintaining client relationships – or fostering potential new leads – can feel like a full-time job when you’re freelance. That’s where our powerful client tracker tool can help.

It features two tabs – one for former clients and one for new leads – and fantastic graphs to help you chart where ALL your clients and leads are in the process. You’ll quickly and systematically nurture former clients back to a working, income generating relationship – and at the same time, you can create and monitor relationships with potential leads.

All your clients and leads. All that income-earning potential. All in the one place.


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