Source tracker

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Often writing on similar topics and interviewing the same types of experts or case studies? The source tracker (previously our ‘expert tracker’) will save you oodles of research time.

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Do you often forget to add experts and case studies to your little black freelance book? Find it all too time-consuming to track down experts you interviewed for future stories? The source tracker is the solution. Use it to enter in experts and case studies as you file stories, and to search for the source you need next time you’re writing on that topic.

Here’s how it works:

  1. As soon as you finish a story, open your experts file and enter in name of the source, title, contact details, specialties and any notes about the story (great for when you have to reconnect with that source)
  2. Hit save and forget all about that source until the next time you’re writing about… say, bog snorkelling
  3. Open up the source tracker and search by specialty (you might want to enter in ‘extreme sports’ or ‘snorkelling’)
  4. Watch all the bog snorkelling experts you’ve ever talked to pop into the top search area with their details.
  5. Ring or email the person you want to talk to. The end!

Like a mini CRM but easier (and cheaper), the source tracker will save you an enormous amount of time.


  1. Lindy Alexander

    “Before I discovered Rachel’s List’s Toolkit of goodies, I was relying on my memory to locate and relocate useful talent. Instead, now I use Rachel’s excellent Expert Tracker spreadsheet and all my contacts are in one place. It’s been especially useful for me when I’m writing in specific areas such as children’s health or psychology and I want to know quickly who I can call on for an expert opinion.”

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