Lead generation tracker

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Need an easy-to-use system to monitor your letters of introduction (LOIs)? This powerful tracker simplifies the process, motivates you to send regular LOIs and hopefully, score a lot more work!

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As a freelancer, you probably have half a dozen different marketing strategies to keep the work flowing – from pitching to editors to scouring jobs boards. But how about sending letters of introduction (LOIs)? It’s the email version of cold-calling – and if you get it right and send enough LOIs to the right companies, it can be a powerful way to land new clients.

Granted, this is a strategy that takes some work. You want to carefully research the companies you’re approaching and personalise the letters of introduction you’re writing (there’s a handy script in our ebook to get you started). And here’s the important bit: you want to keep track of what you’ve sent and have a system for following up. That’s where our lead generation tracker comes in, enabling you to enter in every LOI, track them through the process, and see the results reflected in the dashboard.

What you’ll see on the tracker’s dashboard:

  • How many LOIs you’ve sent this month or this year
  • What stage all your LOIs are at
  • How many offers of work you’ve received
  • Your overall success rate.

Our lead generation tracker won’t just help you keep on top of all the LOIs you’re sending. It’ll also ensure you stay motivated. And it’ll help you make this type of marketing a regular habit, rather than something you just do during the lean times.