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ASK US WEDNESDAY: “Where should I do short copywriting courses?”

by Leo Wiles
01 August 2018

Hi Leo and Rach. I want to do a short copywriting course. I’m based in Melbourne with over 20 years journalistic / editorial experience but need to sharpen my digital copywriting skills so I am a more attractive candidate for these types of jobs. Do you know of any that are highly regarded and may be viewed as a plus by employers? E

Chances are if you’ve already been writing website, advertising social media copy, you’ve started your copywriting journey already. I haven’t done a copywriting course – and I couldn’t say with any certainty which courses are viewed favourably by employers. In fact, I’d be surprised if they checked your credentials past asking to see your online portfolio or work in print. Because that’s really the proof in the pudding!

But, I understand wanting to upskill and feel qualified to chase work in what can be a really competitive income stream. So which course to choose? Of course, you could go the whole hog and do a BA with advertising and marketing majors – but if you don’t have the time or inclination for that, there are some great smaller copywriting courses around that can fit in with work.

Award winning SEO copywriter Kate Toon is a good place to start; she not only offers copywriting training, but has also penned a great blog offering tips and tricks on how to be a freelance copywriter.

There are also reasonably priced copywriting courses at Copy School online.

You could also investigate author Nicolas Di Tempora’s online copy writing in action course, copywriting essentials at The Australian Writer’s Centre, the Australian Marketing Institute’s Copywriting and content marketing courses or RMIT’s copywriting in action short course (8 weeks long). If you’re cash strapped, there are short Udemy courses offering just the copywriting basics as well.

If you’re a Gold member, it may also be worth asking other freelancers in our Facebook group for their recommendations, too.

Listers: Have you done a good copywriting course?

Leo Wiles

Leo Wiles has worked as an editor, journalist and PR for over 20 years before recently retraining as a photographer. These days, she spends her time behind a lens, juggling her own clients with her work at Rachel's List, and her three gorgeous but lively kids.

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  1. Kate toon says:

    Thank you so much for the mention

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