The top 10 Wrap-Up articles you wanted to read

by Claire Chow
04 June 2021

Since launching our Friday newsletter The Wrap Up in May 2020, we’ve been busy collecting and curating a whole heap of content to share with Rachel’s Listers and our wider audience. It’s the only newsletter of ours that anyone can subscribe to, and it has been a really interesting exercise in figuring out the kind of content you guys love, especially.

So when I was tasked to have a quick squiz at our Active Campaign reports over the last 6 months, we realised it was a perfect way to get to know you all a little better (in a non-stalkerish kind of way!)

We figured certain topics were no-brainers: Grammar humour, ISO-tips, and listicles to help you upskill.

But we were surprised by some.

Who knew email funnels would get you all clicking fast? That Clubhouse was on your radar? Or a four-letter word teaser could be so popular?

So, what made the top ten?

Great question. Here are the Wrap-Up articles that inspired the most interest over the past six months.

1. The four-letter word that’s crushing your potential DEAD

There’s power in some four-letter words, says copywriter Belinda Weaver, but one many freelancers use without thinking can just crush your potential dead. You’ll see what I did there when you click through to the article!

2. 3 graphic design tips for non-designers

You’re probably like us and outsource the big stuff to graphic designers… but if you’d like to try your hand in creating some visual content in Canva, Content Marketing Institute‘s post is worth a look.

3. Why do people overshare on social media

Letting it all hang out on social media is fast becoming the norm, but where do the vulnerability end and the narcissism begin? Some great food for thought in Susan Skelly’s The Lighthouse piece.

4. 8 proven email funnels

If email funnels are your bread and butter (or you want them to be), this guide from copywriter Robert Allen is absolute gold. This comprehensive how-to google doc showcases real-life examples with demonstrated engagement and conversions.

5. How will the Covid-19 pandemic end?

An eye-opener of a read by Fran Molloy who writes “a ‘return to normal’ could be years away”. Published in February this year it is still very relevant with recent vaccine hesitancy, the Victorian lockdown and questions over the whole process being a race (or not!).

6. Write like you talk: 12 tips for conversational content

According to the Content Marketing Institute now is the time to learn how to write in a conversational tone. Why? Because it feels more personal for the reader. There are loads of tips in this piece, and it’s a valuable skill to help you better engage your audience.

7. Join the club: Review of Clubhouse

Dipped your toe into Clubhouse yet? If you’ve a) never heard of it; b) have heard of it but are trying to ignore it because you have your hands full with other social media platforms or c) are on the fence, read this PC Mag review and explainer. Full transparency, I still choose b.

8. Want to get – and stay – employed through to 2030? 10 jobs to consider

What will the world of work look like in the future? Kara Cutruzzula from writes about ten possible career paths heading our way.  My favourite: Socially distanced office designer.

9. What kind of digital hoarder are you? 4 distinct types

It’s worth clicking this one just to read the Marie Kondo-esque quote about sparking digital joy! Rich Haridy explores 4 distinct types of digital hoarders and how we all need to consider a digital declutter for our mental health (and for data security).

10. Why I quit the ‘dream job’ freelancing for 9 to 5

We hear a lot about how great freelancing is, but what about the flip side, when things take a slippery slope and 9-5 becomes tempting? Read Tiffany Costello’s personal essay about her freelancing experience and how a full-time job meant improving her overall mental health. 

If there’s anything you’d love to see more of in The Wrap-Up, do let us know in the comments. And if you haven’t seen The Wrap-Up appear regularly in your inbox, click here to subscribe (and make sure you’ve saved as one of your favourites).

Claire Chow

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