The Pitch Perfect freelancer bundle

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Want to sell more story pitches? This discounted bundle has the two resources you need for success. Our pitching masterclass features value-packed videos, slides and resources, while our revamped pitch tracker is a powerful tool for monitoring your pitches, and how many you sell. Snap up both and watch your pitch hit rate rise!

Pitch tracker

If you're regularly pitching stories to editors and clients, but you don't really have a system for monitoring your pitches, our user-friendly Excel pitch tracker tool is a game-changer. Compatible with Excel or Excel Online.

VIDEO MASTERCLASS - Pitching! Secrets from editors in print, digital and custom media, plus how to pitch your services to corporate clients

Do you struggle getting your story pitches over the line? This video masterclass serves up rare insights from three editors who regularly commission. Plus, freelancer Lindy Alexander shares her valuable, tried-and-tested strategies on pitching your services to corporate clients.


If you’re a new or seasoned storyteller who makes a living from pitching magazines and websites, our pitch perfect freelancer bundle is for you. It features our two most popular pitching products – our pitching masterclass, and our pitch tracker tool.

The pitching masterclass features:

  • Three senior editors sharing their secrets about pitching to consumer, custom and digital
  • An exclusive session from freelancer Lindy Alexander revealing how to find high-paying corporates to pitch to and how to successfully target these potential clients
  • Lifetime access to all videos via the VIMEO platform
  • Slides + resources, where provided by the expert speakers.

The pitch tracker is a sophisticated way to track all your story pitches across multiple areas. We’ve completely redesigned our Excel tool recently, and it’s a powerful way to monitor and measure:

  • How many pitches you’re sending from month to month
  • How many of your pitches require follow-up (ensuring you never forget to follow up)
  • Your success rate (ie, how many pitches you’ve successfully sold)
  • Where you’re placing most of your pitches (consumer, trade, digital, corporate etc)
  • Where all your pitches currently sit in the pitching life cycle.

This bundle is discounted for a short time and will help you organise and monitor your pitching efforts, and ensure more of your stories get the green light.


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