MASTERCLASS: A starter guide to UX copywriting, with UX copywriter and strategist Susan Reoch

$49.95 inc GST

If you’re a journalist, copywriter or content specialist who’s keen to learn more about UX copywriting, this masterclass by UX copywriter and strategist Susan Reoch will teach you the basics. You’ll also learn about how to further grow your UX copywriting skillset, the mechanics of microcopy, tips and tricks on working with clients and the tools of the UX copywriting trade.


Keen to dip your toe into the fast-growing world of UX copywriting? Susan Reoch’s masterclass is the ultimate starter guide. Her super-power as a UX copywriter is writing human-centred, research-led website copy – and teaching other copywriters how to do the same. In this 90-minute event, she’ll offer valuable insights into the UX industry and share what’s involved when working on UX projects – either in-house, or with freelance clients. You’ll learn the basics of UX copywriting and where the two intersect, tips and tricks on how to build your own UX copywriting skills, different ways to price UX copywriting services and the essential tools Susan loves. She’ll also share resources about where you can learn more.

This product includes: Zoom session, questions, a cheat sheet of the session and access to the video recording.

Key takeaways

  • UX writer vs copywriter – what’s the difference?
  • What does a UX copywriter do?
  • How to grow an enviable UX copywriting skillset
  • Mechanics of great microcopy
  • Tips and tricks for working with different types of clients and teams
  • Tools of the trade – what Susan uses to run her projects
  • Resources for additional learning


About Susan

Susan Reoch is a UX copywriting expert who’s spent the last 10 years writing razor-sharp web copy for everyone from local bookkeepers to She teaches other copywriters how to get ahead with UX with her free weekly newsletter and group coaching program UX to Profit. Her happy place is sipping a Campari Spritz beachside. Find her on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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  1. Claire

    Mind blown! This is one area I’ve been interested in a while. Curiosity was sparked years ago with a free UX design taster course – but this masterclass really highlighted how understanding ‘User Experience’ can change (and improve!) how you write any type of copy. Susan’s presentation was interactive and so informative.

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