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Working on your business while in isolation? Our Toolkit is packed with resources for writers and freelancers of all kinds, including time-saving tools, templates, masterclasses and more.

Stuck at home? Get your ducks in a row

If there’s one silver lining to #isolife, it’s the opportunities for training, upskilling and sorting out your systems. Our much-loved video masterclasses are available individually or as a discounted mega masterclass bundle (the best-value option). We’ve also just released a new client brief template (to make the briefing process a breeze) and our revamped pitch tracker is a game-changer for monitoring every pitch you send (and sell).

Our most popular freelancer resources

Managing clients can be tricky – which is why our client tracker is a favourite with writers for connecting with new leads and nurturing existing ones. Equally useful is our pitch tracker if you’re looking for somewhere to keep all your great story ideas and monitor them through the pitching process. Another popular tool is our 25 Scripts ebook – there’s a script in there for just about every curly client or editor situation!

On sale now! Snap these up for a limited time

Our Start Me Up Freelancer Bundle is the ultimate collection of goodies if you’re new to the freelance world. Also discounted: our video masterclasses, complete with expert speakers, slides and additional resources. Learn at your own pace, and turbo-charge your freelance bizz with insights, info and lightbulb moments galore.

Get organised for 2020 with essential tools and templates

Looking for a rate card you can modify, client agreement templates or a swanky new invoice? You’ll find resources galore in our shop. PS. Don’t miss our 60 essential tools for freelancers, which features the time-saving tools, websites and services we use as writers.